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The paper “Timeliness, Bandwidth and Other Factors Essential When Performing Scans or Enumeration" concerns factors that need to be considered to properly choose a type of scanning or enumeration to prevent vulnerabilities that might put corporative data at risk of getting access. …
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Download file to see previous pages The firms and governments hire ethical hackers to help in detecting any vulnerability within their information systems that malicious hackers can use in gaining access to the information (Simpson, Backman, and Corley, 2010). In most cases, the white hat hacker will employ the use of similar hacking techniques as the malicious hacker to test the security strength of a system. Additionally, ethical hackers will provide people with more services such as retrieving data that has been affected by various factors making it inaccessible. However, before one qualifies to become an ethical hacker, he/she must have a certification. It will ensure that the hacker fully understands the ethical responsibilities of the access information systems (Allsopp, 2017). Through acquiring the certification, it will provide the ethical hacker can carry out system hacking, different forms of attacks on the system such as planting Trojan horses and other viruses, SQL injections, scanning, and enumeration. All these techniques form part of the penetration testing means of accessing an organizations information system and identify any existing and potential vulnerabilities (Allsopp, 2017). After the tests, the results will become forwarded to the firm’s information technology personnel who will use the outcomes in coming up with recommendations and plans to strengthen their system and reduce any likelihood of future attacks.
Scanning and enumeration form part of the penetration testing techniques employed by an ethical hacker when accessing the system. However, one must adhere to various rues a regulation throughout the entire process. The client in question must first approve all the steps that the ethical hacker will employ and have the approval in writing. These will be contained in the “Rules of Engagement” document (Faircloth, 2011). It will outline all the parties involved during the penetration testing period. These will include the IT personnel and testers detailing their contact information and the number of hours spent in testing the system for the entire period. The document should correspondingly outline all the IP addresses that will need testing and those that will not require any testing. The Rules of Engagement will similarly describe all liability limitations that might result from the entire testing process (Faircloth, 2011). Through this, it will ensure that all parties involved have a common ground for conducting penetration testing. In most cases, an ethical hacker will be provided with various targets that will require testing. However, it is still essential that one tests even the other remaining target operate within a trusted subnet environment that a client might not have full awareness. After one figure out which of the targets might have some vulnerability and those that do not, it is then much more straightforward for the ethical hacker to outline and choose the best penetration techniques. In most cases, using a poorly designed system scanning and enumeration layout will reduce the testing’s efficiency. Additionally, it might lead to denial of services on the system for using a method that does not fully work with a specific target. ...Download file to see next pagesRead More
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