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The Most Significant Moment of Life - Essay Example

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In this paper, the researcher will attempt to present one of the most meaningful and momentous incidents of her life. Most significant moments of the author’s life are deeply related to one person that she truly admired and worshipped throughout her childhood…
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The Most Significant Moment of Life
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"The Most Significant Moment of Life"

Download file to see previous pages This research will begin with the statement that the true essence of our life is exhibited through the little moments of joy or sorrow that are dear to us and are close to our hearts. These moments may be seemingly minor and trivial but become the most treasured and meaningful memories. These noteworthy moments adorn our past for our lifetime and have an evergreen effect on our future. Not just joyous incidents, some heart-wrenching episodes affecting our dear ones or our surroundings can also remain etched in our memories. Such incidents serve as reminders of the realities of life and the ups and downs it encompasses. On the other hand, the beautiful and worthwhile episodes shared with our family, favorite pets, colleagues, and friends prove to us every day the worthiness of life. These precious memories give us the necessary boost we need when we are drowned in the daily chaos and obligations. The researcher’s Granddad possessed a very full of life and admirable personality. The author enjoyed the most when she used to spend her time at her grandparent's house. Every single moment the researcher spent with her granddad was filled with affection and a feeling of warmth. Even now when she thinks of even the most inconsequential episodes she spent with her granddad, the author is reminded of his honesty and kindness that reflected her personality. Childhood is a part of your life where the tiniest of gestures have a deep impact on one’s personality. The researcher’s granddad showed the importance of family, the significance of kindness and gave her the confidence that is needed to become a self-assured young girl that she is today. The author always worshipped his lively personality, the way he laughed and made jokes with his companions. His authoritarian personality with the spirit of kindness and love that, he had in abundance, especially for the researcher. Her granddad always took special care of her and the author used to accompany him most of the time. One particular incident has left a deep impact on the author’s mind and she still finds that she related to it some way or another. During one particular summer vacations, when the author was in 6th standard she went to her granddad's house as a part of her usual annual routine. As usual, the author spent the bright lively summer days in her grandparent’s house cherishing each and every moment. Summer vacations were a time which she used to wait for eagerly. It was an occasion when the researcher got the chance to spend time with one person who made her feel special through his affectionate soul and kind gestures. Granddad brought home a little, frail puppy that looked scared and homeless. Its innocent round eyes stared at the author with fear in them. Granddad had found him on his way home in a deserted street without its mother. The researcher was amazed and quite amused by this little creature. The puppy was just like a little baby; small, fragile and completely dependent on others. Granddad gave the puppy to the author and told her to take special care of the little creature. That day he taught the researcher a lesson that she followed the rest of her life. It was something that was obvious from his way of life and his personality. He taught her love and affection for family. He told her that if today the author takes care of the little, defenseless creature, it will grow up tomorrow and return her the kindness and affection she showed to it.  ...Download file to see next pagesRead More
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kianagerlach added comment 10 months ago
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I liked it. It is my problem too; I don’t know how to start. It is always an issue. If such ‘general phrases’ are helping you out somehow, go on and use them. Your tutor, at least, is obliged to read the paper till the end. If everything else would be fine with your essay, nobody will think much of the first paragraph. Still, if that is an issue, you always can edit the piece, when it is completed. No worries. Keep up!

taran20 added comment 10 months ago
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I personally think the intro is too long for such an essay. But it's me, I hate all these general phrases, like ‘It is important to remember the essential moments of our life’ and so on. It is obvious. You are writing an essay about the most significant moment of your life. I would avoid such intros; they kill all the joy of reading. I didn’t continue much reading. Sorry.
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