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In this case, Bellum, a Senior Vice President for Labor Relations at Fenwick Chemical Corporation writes to the chairman of the board, giving her opinion to have the union officials included in the board of directors. In her memo, Bellum uses several points to convince the…
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350 chapter 9
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Case Study Case Study In this case, Bellum, a Senior Vice President for Labor Relations at Fenwick Chemical Corporation writes to the chairman of the board, giving her opinion to have the union officials included in the board of directors. In her memo, Bellum uses several points to convince the chairman to buy the idea.
She point out the percentage of the seats she proposes to the total number of seats in the board. She argues out that, four of the seats will represent a fifth of the membership, and that that would not influence the decision making process much. In her opinion, although the four may be united to pass a certain point, the percentage is not enough to vote for the decision to be implemented.
Further still, Bellum uses the point of the desires of the union to be honored. According to her, giving the union four seats would mean a lot to them since they have been crying for a single seat. This would honor their cry and make them feel heard and appreciated. Arguably, if the management listens to the workers in an organization, the workers are likely to agree to the decisions of the management without mass action (Appelbaum and Hunter, 2003).
In addition, Bellum has a point that the workers would never vote for a strike because they will always feel that their views are being represented. Since they chose the leaders, it means that they trust them to a point that they will feel that they are fully represented because they hold meetings to pass their desires (Appelbaum and Hunter, 2003). Bellum also uses the point of imagination by telling the chairman that there is no other organization in the U.S to implement that move. She promises to win the race even under financial depression.
Appelbaum, E., & Hunter, L. W. (2003). Union participation in strategic decisions of corporations. Cambridge, Mass: NBER. Read More
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350 Chapter 9 Case Study Example | Topics and Well Written Essays - 250 Words.
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