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Labor realations - Assignment Example

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The dispute between the SEIU (Service Employees International Union) and CAW (Canadian Auto Workers) took place when 120 SEIU executive representatives served a notice to leave the international union and join the CAW union. With regard to this condition, the CLC (Canadian…
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Labor realations
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Extract of sample "Labor realations"

Labor Relations In Your Opinion Did The SEIU CAW Dispute Present More Of A Threat to Labor Unity and Solidarity to Union Democracy? Explain The dispute between the SEIU (Service Employees International Union) and CAW (Canadian Auto Workers) took place when 120 SEIU executive representatives served a notice to leave the international union and join the CAW union. With regard to this condition, the CLC (Canadian Labor Congress) asked CAW to take over the local members for three years and then after the members should be provided with the right of selecting the union according to their own choice. SEIW stood against this measure and the new Vice President; Sharleen Stewart made a request to CLC to ban all the participants of CAW who were believed to be present in CLC. However, CLC preferred to disagree with the proposal as CAW was supposed to one of the biggest private union segment and agreeing to the request of SEIW was expected to trigger certain problems for CLC in terms of privilege support and other benefits related to labor (Niemeijer, 2000).
With reference to the above context, it can be stated that the dispute between the SEIW and CAW acted as a certain form of threat for the labor unity and solidarity to union democracy as well. The disagreement was considered more of a threat as CAW was one of the largest local labor union of Canada which involved the support of 234,000 members. In relation to this fact, banning the members of CAW from CLC entailed the possibility of creating certain problems for every labor union which included lack of support in response to the undertaken circumstances, privileges provided by the government and the rise of other unions among others (Niemeijer, 2000).
Describe Some of the Damages the Canadian Labor Union Might Suffer Due To Disputes Such As This
The disagreements among the labor unions such as the dispute between SEIU and CAW can lead to various problems within the nations while acting or performing in favor of the labor rights. The problems which can trigger in relation to the labor union disputes can be identified as lack of unity among the unions present within the nations while dealing with similar problems and assisting the labors of the organizations with benefits and rights as specified in the labor laws. Furthermore, the disputes of labor union can prevent the government of the nation from taking interest in the problems related to labor (Pierce, & Bentham, 2007).
Discuss The Issue Of National Autonomy From International Parent Union. How Might Canadian Locals Protect Their National Autonomy While Still Enjoying The Benefits Of Membership In A Large, International Union?
The issue of national autonomy from international parent union can be identified in terms of the assistance provided by the international unions to the local unions in relation to the labor problems. International union operates with the help of a centralized process and facilitates bargaining rights to the labors among others (Traill, 2007).
In protecting the local autonomy along with enjoying the benefits served by the international unions, the labor unions of Canada can influence or build relationship with the international unions in order to work together for solving the labor problem that arises within different organizations. This relation can only be made by ensuring a partnership agreement between the local and international unions with the help of becoming members of both the unions along with facilitating the international unions to operate in the local areas equally (Pierce, & Bentham, 2007). Therefore, with the help of the suggested way the Canadian locals can protect their national autonomy while still enjoying their membership benefits with regard to international unions.
Niemeijer, M. (2000). Auto workers sanctioned over raiding charges. Retrieved from
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Traill, C. (2007). Ontario labor relations in the Wake of Bill 80: An analysis of the legislative attempt to enhance democracy and autonomy in Ontario construction union locals. Osgoode Hall Law School, pp. 1-43. Read More
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