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Employee training and management structures remain vital in achieving the optimum service from the workforce, in the current continuum of human resource management. There is a multitude of established methods and materials that facilitate the preparation and equipping of the…
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Implementation of a leadership development program
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Download file to see previous pages In this case, Baltimore Insurance is vast; hence, it constitutes a robust combination of workforce. This vast population will have an impact on the technique chosen, its success, and costs of implementation. Therefore, it may also be considerable to incorporate a combination of techniques to adapt to the changes in the chain of supervision.
The vast composition of the Baltimore Insurance organization is an elemental aspect, which, constitute the issue in the course of establishing the technique to employ and implementation of the program. Further, it is notable that the Baltimore Insurance constitutes a workforce with mixed experience and skills. The changes in the organization are also elemental as incorporation of technical considerations and elements available to support the working of the supervisors influence the overall performance of the employees (Noe, 2013). Thus, the technique chosen ought to employ the consideration to the goals of the training such as the achieving of new skills and furthering of the old techniques to solve this arising issue. Workplace behavior and fair treatment devoid of discrimination and harassment are other considerations in the course of establishing the training technique to employ for Baltimore Insurance workforce (Wilson, 2006). Therefore, it may also prove useful to incorporate a combination of traditional training techniques to further the course of the organization and aid address the issue.
Even with the present advances in technology, traditional training approaches remain key and remarkably effective in approaching implementation of new programs. Among the options to employ in presenting the program is the use of lectures. The lecture method entails an instructor-led session in which the trainees will congregate in a class setting and take lectures on the proposed program (Noe, 2013). Notably, the option entails using projector or whiteboard, PowerPoint presentations, and video options. The procedural ...Download file to see next pagesRead More
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