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The Relevance of the Leadership Program: the Organization Leadership - Research Paper Example

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The study focuses to assess the leadership development program applied at PepsiCo Inc. The company’s philosophy is putting the “responsibility of continued business growth on the heads of the company’s anointed future top leaders”. The program aims to assist the organization in identifying potential leaders…
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The Relevance of the Leadership Program: the Organization Leadership
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Download file to see previous pages Developing and retaining competent leaders in an organization are one of the most challenges organizations are facing today (Wart, 2012). The leadership development programs should have the capacity to satisfy current and future needs of the organization leadership (Cleveland, 1985). Despite the importance of leadership development in creating value for the organization, most managers consider building leadership talent as the most challenging practice. Organizations continue to face challenges of getting suitable candidates to fill the top leadership positions despite the rising unemployment in the labor market (Barnard, 1968). Successful leadership development requires the managers to recognize the organization plans, and the necessary leadership approaches appropriate for executing those plans (Wart, 2012). The managers should start by reviewing the organization best strategies in order to recognize the leadership needs as well as the qualities appropriate for the required leadership in those particular areas (Drucker, 2009). The best practices to be reviewed include formal development programs, and feedback/ multi-source rating of performance, executive coaching, job assignments, mentoring, reflection, action learning, and outdoor challenges (Velsor et al., 2010). Leaders obtained from within the organizations achieve better organization performance faster than externally acquired leaders due to their familiarity with organization culture and structures essential for improved performance (Wart, 2012). Getting external leaders is expensive and time-consuming hence detrimental to the organization (Velsor et al., 2010). Leadership development programs will enable the board of directors to coach potential leaders within the organization and be able to evaluate their performance by allowing them to run the organizations independently (Barnard, 1968).  ...Download file to see next pagesRead More
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