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Coaching Through Change - Essay Example

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As an unemployed graduate studying leadership, the main goal of this student is to attend an executive education program critical for his or her future success. To achieve the required success, the graduate will first have to choose the specific executive education program that…
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Coaching Through Change
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Extract of sample "Coaching Through Change"

Coaching through challenge Coaching through challenge As an unemployed graduate studying leadership, the main goal of this is to attend an executive education program critical for his or her future success. To achieve the required success, the graduate will first have to choose the specific executive education program that is in line with his or her line of work for instance, the advanced management program. The program is aware that grooming executive to undertake the responsibilities of global leadership could be costly and time consuming for the company. As a result, the course often accelerates this process by providing opportunities for professional and also professional growth. Is this undergraduate undertakes this program, he or she will be in a position to be empowered to engage in broad thinking, global management and strategic competition.
The undergraduate will be in a position to collaborate with other accomplished leader to acquire the insights of the industry and other global perspectives to lead the organization that they will undertake. To show their success, the undergraduate undertaking this program will be in a position to enhance their ability and improve the performance of the firm by analyzing and recognizing the strengths and weaknesses of the firm. The individual will also be in a position to set the required direction for their business and understand the competitive forces capable of distinguishing the profitable institutions. To be successful and reach his goal, the undergraduate will also be in a position to transform their operational capabilities into their competitive advantage. With so doing, the undergraduate is in a position to move the organizations that they will be employed to another level. Read More
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