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There are different ways in which the HR scorecard prepared above may be used to demonstrate and achieve value creation that aligns with the organization’s strategic goals. The ways and means by which each of the dimensions of the HR scorecard is expected to be used have been…
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Application: Constructing an HR Scorecard
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HR Scorecard There are different ways in which the HR scorecard prepared above may be used to demonstrate and achieve value creation that aligns with the organization’s strategic goals. The ways and means by which each of the dimensions of the HR scorecard is expected to be used have been briefly displayed below.
HR deliverables: Based on the items given in the HR deliverables, it is expected that value will be said to be created out of the deliverables if the employee base is able to achieve increased productivity. As noted by Lawler, Jamrog & Boudreau (2011), productivity is the best indicator of employee usefulness in any given organization. This is because based on the productivity it is possible to tell the value of investments made in the employees.
High-performance work system: Quality has been said to be the measure of effectiveness. This is because where there is effectiveness, it is expected that outcome of work will be measured by the degree of its quality value (Lawler, Jamrog & Boudreau, 2011). Becker, Huselid & Ulrich (2001) actually noted quality value as an advantageous means of gaining competitive advantage through the use of differentiation strategic option. That is, the organization offers high value products or services to customers at additional cost as a means of gaining additional revenue. It is therefore expected that employees will use the work system in place to deliver superior quality output of work based on stated specifications
HR system alignment: Interestingly, every department of the organization is made up of a set of employees who constitute the human resource of the organization. The difference however has to do with the work each of them does. It is therefore expected that through the HR system alignment, there will be coordination with other departments in the delivery of work functions. By so doing, it will be possible to establish a cross functional team to promote growth of organization (Becker, Huselid & Ulrich, 2001).
HR efficiency measure: Where there is efficiency, it is expected that with the little resources available, the human resource will be able to produce a desired level of outcome. Base on the HR efficiency measure therefore, it is expected that employees will use work system efficiently to produce more outcomes with less resources. This particularly modality is expected to transform into the overall expectation or outcome of the HR scorecard for value creation.
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