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Nancy Foner & George Fredrickson (Editors). 2004. Not Just Black and White: Historical and Contemporary Perspectives on Immigration, Race, and Ethnicity in - Admission/Application Essay Example

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Since the devolution of the world economy from 2008 to the present, scholarly inquiry into the expansion of poverty rather than capital have been hard pressed to articulate how this widespread phenomenon previously classified as the blight of ‘others.’ Indeed, traditional…
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Nancy Foner & George Fredrickson (Editors). 2004. Not Just Black and White: Historical and Contemporary Perspectives on Immigration, Race, and Ethnicity in
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"Nancy Foner & George Fredrickson (Editors). 2004. Not Just Black and White: Historical and Contemporary Perspectives on Immigration, Race, and Ethnicity in"

Download file to see previous pages The United States, already a nation divided by its own history as a plantation society, with capitalist logics rooted in that very history, continues to witness its own economic devolution – despite its already lowered standard of living and GDP.i Although precedent to the ongoing global economic crisis which has contracted the national economies of Northern nations into the mix of developing states, the scholarly thought comprising Nancy Foner and George Frederickson’s (2004) edited volume, Not Just Black and White: Historical and Contemporary Perspectives on Immigration, Race and Ethnicity in the United States: Social Constructions and Social Relations in Historical provides a roadmap for navigating the already present terrain of economic race stratification.ii
In the State of California, or at least in the Southern half of the state, transformations in lifestyle have been expedient and at times, radical. Amidst this shift in the regional economy, where expectations have been lowered to approximate neighboring regions in the adjacent nation of Mexico, the topic of immigration has become once again, a critical focus of public discourse. In Albert M. Camarillo’s historical recuperation of Los Angeles since the end of World War II, ‘Black and Brown in Compton: Demographic Change, Suburban Decline, and Intergroup Relations in a South Central Los Angeles Community, 1950 to 2000’ he examines the enterprise of urban development through the lens of race/class construction. According to Camarillo,
“The patterns in the final decades of the century were earmarked by contrast, more by interactions between nonwhite groups in cities, especially urban areas where minorities were beginning to form majorities [. . .] Consequently relations among and between people of color increasingly define a new racial frontier in intergroup relations in the American metropolis and in many metropolitan suburbs.”
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