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The Internal Business Process Perspective - Admission/Application Essay Example

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The Internal Business Process Perspective Name: Institution: The Internal Business Process Perspective Introduction The Duke’s Children’s Hospital had been in business for a very long time. At this point, it was successfully observed that it was one of the best hospitals in the world, with the highest profitability…
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The Internal Business Process Perspective
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Download file to see previous pages This is a continued strife to quell their ailments and diseases. This is through research, laboratory work and surgical procedures. In 1996, the hospital was threatened with very many financial and administrative uncertainties. The negative impact that the lack of finances and employee and management disunity had in the organization was visible from the highest organ possible. The management team and their employees were cash strapped, and this ultimately affected the quality of the services that they offered (Niven, 2010). This paper will look at the hospital’s implementation of the balance scorecard and how it affected the services offered by the hospital. The financial and administrative woes that the hospital faced created an avenue for them to look into their spending rates and external financial relationships. The BSC was created to seal the loopholes that were created at each and every point in the hospital’s activities. The hospital created a BSC that centered on the clients, operational costs and overall hospital operational strategy. This meant that the staff and the management team worked around a strategy that cut down on the amount of money that each patient visiting the hospital paid. By reducing this amount, the hospital was attractive to many people who were seeking affordable healthcare. The amount of time spent in the hospital by the patients was also reduced drastically. This created a lot of space for many other patients to be treated and discharged. This meant that the annual revenue collected by the hospital increased and reduced the effects of the negative financial crisis experienced by the hospital. The staff reacted positively to the BSC. Many of them were willing to struggle through the implementation phase because they knew that if the hospital did not experience a positive turn around, they would lose their jobs (Meliones, 2001). Analysis When implementing the BSC, the hospital ensured that they focused on the internal business processes that focused on finances and day to day operations. This means that they came up with financial and operational strategies. This incorporated measures that would attract as many patients as possible with subsidized costs. They also ensured that the patients got the best healthcare which was of the highest standards possible to reduce their ultimate stay in the hospital (Meliones, 2001). This automatically created more room for more quality services for many more patients. The business process was changed to cater for all the needs and wants that were demanded by the created BSC. Conclusion Each and every business, organization or company, has an aim to provide the best services. This is whilst ensuring that they satisfy their clients’ needs and retain their respect and loyalty always. The changes that were introduced at Duke’s hospital were very welcome by the staff, hospital clients and stakeholders. The employees were positively rejuvenated by the financial security that their employer could provide for them. The patients were guaranteed of the best healthcare plan at an affordable cost. Many stakeholders were content with the steps that the hospital had made. This meant that they could invest their time, resources, equipment, medicine and aid in research. This was to the benefit of the organization. The changes catered for improvements in the financial arena and the day to day ...Download file to see next pagesRead More
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