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Ancient Mesopotamian Architecture - Admission/Application Essay Example

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ANCIENT MESOPOTAMIAN ARCHITECTURE Your Instructor The art and design of construction, also known as architecture, refers to building of structures. Engineers design and come up with appealing and relevant structures…
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Ancient Mesopotamian Architecture
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"Ancient Mesopotamian Architecture"

Download file to see previous pages They came up with fascinating structures1. These were the houses, churches, the kings’ palaces and several other structures. These structures were mostly built for the government, royal families, and the noble class. Focusing on Mesopotamia, these people believed on earthly god. They also believed that their distinguished architecture came from god. The god, whom they believed, enabled men to design and construct buildings. Shedu-Lamassu, Palace of Tikulti-Ninurta I Some of the material they used for construction was the clay. And clay made the basis of the construction. This is because different materials were structured from the clay, and these materials were used for construction of houses and other objects. Bricks of varying grades were also made from the masonry of clay2. Bricks were very valuable in ancient Mesopotamia since they were his main material used in the construction of buildings. Bricks were made in different sizes and shapes depending on the type of building they were to construct. For instance, brick used to construct palace were different from one that build walls around the empire. Two main examples of bricks used in construction industry included Adobe bricks and the vitreous bricks. Adobe bricks dominated over the other bricks because of their outstanding heat properties. In addition to this, they were cheaper to construct. On the other hand, Vitreous bricks were usually glassy. The process of making the bricks included, mixing soil with water using specific ancient tools and sun drying. Durability of the structures depended on the type of soil used to make bricks thus, long lasting was associated with good soil while short-term were associated with poor soils. Buildings that were constructed using bricks that were made from bad soil deteriorated easily and faster, and did not last longer. These made them work from time to time. Attempts were to restore the deteriorated buildings. With time the Assyrians came up with a way of constructing using the stones3. This was adapted by the Babylonians and it made a significant move in the architecture of the people of Mesopotamia. The reason was that stones are strong, long lasting, and smart. Another considerable issue to mention is the character of the Assyrians and the Babylonians to build the three sided structures. Also people from Babylon excelled in the manufacture of earrings, bracelets, gold, copper and jewelers. These made a significant move in the field of architecture in the Mesopotamia. Detail of kudurru of king Melishipak I Just to mention a little the people of Egypt were also potters, and embroider4. They made the porcelain and very transparent glass. The two rivers, the Tigress and the Euphrates did not have the minerals to be used as the material for construction, for this reason, they entirely depended on the clay for the construction5. The structures were not strong and long lasting. These people largely feared the demons that had the wings. They believed that demons had the wings because of their culture of worshiping the god on the earth, the idol god. Briefly the people of Mesopotamia were interested in the planning of the city. These formed a remarkable effort in the tradition of these people to construct. They had a history of unique architecture. The way they conducted their building promoted their reputation. And these explain why they have the history of notable construction. The way they did plan their city is another fact. They placed the towers in ...Download file to see next pagesRead More
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