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Almost every country’s constitution requires equal treatment of people regardless of their gender, race, marital status, disability and sexual orientation. It is this inclusion of people of different ages, races, gender and sexual orientation that engross the diversity issues…
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Put the best subject you fell its good
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Diversity Issues and their Effects on the society Present Day Diversity Issues in the film Boys Don’t Cry (1999) Almost every country’s constitution requires equal treatment of people regardless of their gender, race, marital status, disability and sexual orientation. It is this inclusion of people of different ages, races, gender and sexual orientation that engross the diversity issues in workplaces and society. Numerous films portray numerous diversity issues. One such film is the Boys Don’t Cry (2008). Boys Don’t Cry is a film that attempts to emotionally touch viewers deeply. This film revolves around the heartbreaking story of Brandon Teena, who is murdered for her sexual identity crisis (Pierce, 1999).
The film portrays mistreatment due to sexual orientation and gender. In the film, Brandon had not accepted herself as a girl and she groomed herself as a man and even dressed like a man. Before being raped, Brandon had declined Lotter’s love advances and this led Lotter together with Marvin to rape her at Nebraska (Pierce, 1999).The two men before had trailed Brandon to the bathroom and assaulted her by hitting her in the head and ribs. The two men seemed not happy with her sexual orientation to the extent that they pulled her pants and underwear down in front of people for everyone to see her true identity (Pierce, 1999). In fact, after beating her, Lotter and Marvin sliced their initials on her face to show male dominance and to portray her as weak. The two men also delight in revealing the genitals of Brandon.
The film shows the two men pulling Brandon out to their vehicle, drove to a remote area and raped her. It is also after this rape that they brutally beat her and told her not to tell anyone (Pierce, 1999). When she went to report the matter to the police, the police asked her about the turn of events. It is these proceedings that show absence of diversity due to mistreatment because of sexual orientation (Pierce, 1999).
Additionally, when Brandon went to record a statement with the authorities, Deputy Laux asked her why she dressed like a man and socialized with women and not men. Brandon felt that she was not being treated equally and she cancelled her follow-up appointments with the Deputy (Pierce, 1999).
Effects of Diversity issues on the society
Some of these diversity issues presented in this film can have detrimental effects on the society. Discrimination against sexual orientation is particularly damaging and can be the root cause of other evils within the society. Through reference to the Boys Don’t Cry film, discrimination against an individual may have physical and emotional impact on the affected individuals. This may leave people with too much worry and result to sadness, depression and anxiety and a feeling of guilt. In a real world situation, harassment and discrimination can trigger feelings of brokenness and confusion that may lead to drug abuse and hatred towards people. Discrimination based on the sexual orientation of an individual may also instill a feeling of fear and withdrawal (Becker, 2010). An individual may fear that people may not accept him or her if she comes out on her sexual orientation. In most cases, an individual may be fearful until he or she withdraws away from other people (Becker, 2010).
Discrimination brings out a feeling of low self-worth that causes loss of motivation and interest. In most cases, discriminated people may be less productive than the rest of the people. This is because they feel less and lose motivation (Becker, 2010). This can also lead to decreased opportunities available for the discriminated people. This is because such people tend to be discriminated against and miss on so many opportunities and access to other services.
Becker, G. S. (2010). The economics of discrimination. Chicago: University of Chicago Press.
Peirce, K. (1999). Boys Dont Cry, CBS/Fox Home Video, videocassette Read More
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