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The paper "Functions of Organizational Development" focuses on the intervention of an organizational development program. The author of the paper critically analyzes the group task functions and the process of the communication that helps to facilitate this intervention…
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Functions of Organizational Development
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Process intervention helps the workgroup become more aware of the way it operates and how its members work with one another and having known this, able to identify and solve its own problems and correspondingly, do the process intervention. Group task functions are OD functions that focus on the technical aspect of the job such as identifying problems, formulating plans, executing plans and getting jobs done to meet the objectives of an organization. Group maintenance functions center on people such as listening, reflecting feelings, providing support, coaching and counseling part of OD Process Interventions. These two functions are necessary to work together for the team to become effective and succeed in meeting its objectives.
The communication process can help facilitate the intervention of an OD program that could help an individual or group resolve their issues. Managers are tasked to resolve issues in their organizations through OD Process Interventions and part of resolving issues is knowing the problems which are in the questioning, listening, reflecting, coaching and counseling part of the OD process. Simply put, the communication process is the vehicle that managers can use in a workgroup to resolve issues through OD Process Interventions. It could also be used as an effective feedback mechanism to be given to groups and individual and they are able to receive it openly to make the intervention more effective. Read More
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No Topic Essay Example | Topics and Well Written Essays - 250 Words - 56.
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