Questions about Gender and Generation Management in the workplace - Essay Example

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Generally my leadership style is the participative form of leadership or the democratic style of leadership which involves getting the input of team members and the peers present, though the responsibility of making the ultimate decision relies with the democratic leader who…
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Questions about Gender and Generation Management in the workplace
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Gender and Generation Management Generally my leadership style is the participative form of leadershipor the democratic style of leadership which involves getting the input of team members and the peers present, though the responsibility of making the ultimate decision relies with the democratic leader who is held accountable for the final results produced by the employee. Participative leadership is famous for boosting the employee’s morale as they are involved in the process of making decisions which subsequently makes them feel that their opinions matter and hence contribute to the organisations achievement of objectives (Bagilhole & White, 2013) It helps in coordinating the various generations in the workplace because all their opinions matter and everyone’s input is valued and incorporated in the firm’s means of achieving the objectives.
2. I would prefer working with generation X due to the fact that it’s a generation made of young people who can make quick decisions and have innovative minds. Their fast decision making tendencies helps in moving the firm forward and achieving the set objectives which increases the value of the firm. Also, the innovative minds helps in coming up with new ways of doing things and processes gives the firm a competitive edge against competitors.
3. Generation Y would be most challenging to manage and lead due to the fact that it is made up of quite older people who are a bit resistant to change. Most of them get stuck with rules and procedures set earlier, and are not willing to change. This makes incorporating valuable changes in an organization difficult; and of course this means that the firm cannot move forward as fast as expected or as planned.
4. The average age for retiring from work is 60. Some of primary reasons as to why people should retire are; it is a state requirement for civil servants to retire, they are no longer as productive as before and also to concentrate on something else they had wished to do. The reasons are individual and others come from external forces like the state requirement for civil servants to retire in order to give way for other qualified citizens to get the chances to work.
5. Generation X is impatient and at the same time dismissive. Most children born during this era display a lot of impatience in most things they undertake in their day to day activities, including undertakings at school, work and even at home. They also dismiss most of the ideas offered by other people mostly the older generation including their parents and other older siblings. On the other hand, generation Y displays the opposite during most of the times. A lot of patience in everything they undertake and also they take in ideas from other persons both young and old. Both generations have identical or similar life expectations such as having more than one career in life and both have experienced the recession around the same period.
6. As an employer, one should identify the different generations and gender, and status of the different employees. Next, I will come up with programs that suit all of them at the work place. Programs such as telecommuting, flexible work schedules and mentoring the younger generations would help a lot by thus ensuring a more balanced work life.
Bagilhole, B., & White, K. (2013). Generation and gender in academia. Read More
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