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The Role of HR in Equality and Diversity in the Work Place - Term Paper Example

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This paper discusses the role of human resource inequality and diversity in the workplace. The author states that diversity and equality in the workplace are very important as these two aspects contributing significantly to the success of an organization. …
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Extract of sample "The Role of HR in Equality and Diversity in the Work Place"

Download file to see previous pages Notably, equality and diversity policies are related to the key functions of human resource management such as recruitment and selection procedure, and training and development policies among others. Therefore, the human resource function is most likely to hold the main responsibility for the individuals planning within an organization as well as policies concerning equality and diversity issues. The HR functions are believed to be the main driver of progressive change regarding equality and diversity issues. Arguably, HR is responsible for fostering and promoting workforce diversity through recruitment and selection processes, training programs and policy development among others. Diversity plays a significant role in the workplace and it reveals that organizations can greatly benefit from developing and maintaining a more diverse workforce. Diversity in the workplace enables organizations to secure a competitive advantage given that the markets are becoming increasingly global and so it assists organizations to discover opportunities in new customers and products. In addition, it attracts a wider talent pool and assists in understanding the needs of a wider customer base. More so, ensuring that there is equality in the workplace is also very important as it also helps in determining the success of an organization. It is important to treat individuals equally for an organization to be effective and productive. Therefore, it is very important for equality and diversity to be promoted in an organization so as to have a more diverse and motivated workforce. HR is responsible for ensuring that there are an equal opportunity and diversity management in the organization. Equal opportunity is about eliminating any form of discrimination in the workplace, especially during the job recruitment process. On the other hand, diversity management involves the cultural transformation of the organization to promote the value of workforce diversity.  ...Download file to see next pagesRead More
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