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If a company has a true, convincing, relevant and aspiring identity in the market, the company will be able to draw attention of the current and prospective employees for…
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Should all organisations consider their brand as an employer
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Should all organizations consider their "brand" as an employer? Introduction Employer branding is a process in which a company projects its identitythrough the employer of its choice. If a company has a true, convincing, relevant and aspiring identity in the market, the company will be able to draw attention of the current and prospective employees for efficient employer brand promotion (CIPD, 2009). In this paper, whether all organizations should consider the brand as an employer will be evaluated.
In this era of globalization and expansion of cross border trade, it has become immensely important for all multinational players to establish brand as an employer as such practices enhance the value proposition of the employer that is reflected in their business operations (Kashyap and Rangnekar, 2014). In order to sustain frequent economic and financial turmoil in the complex business environment, an organization has to possess relevant human assets with technological and behavioural competencies. As the process of employer branding involves extensive research of internal and external environment to understand the exact position of the employer in the market, determining further fundamental action plan for fulfilling the gap in the perceived image of the employer among the target group becomes easier (Newell, 2005). Therefore, the organization gets an opportunity to communicate its employers’ value proposition (EVP) and areas of improvement according to the research result in the market segment to be perceived as one of the distinct employers in its area of operations (Edwards, 2012).
With a quest to be a part of good organizational environment, which is really scarce in the corporate world, potential candidates are willing to put less emphasis on monetary benefits if they understand long term career prospects, sound values and cultural practices in an organization (Saini, Rai and Chaudhary, 2014). Hence, adoption of employer branding serves business environment in two ways. The organization gets an easy access to skill enriched pool of candidates for serving the organizational purpose in an efficient manner and the candidates also receives an opportunity to exercise their existing talents in the organizational framework (Grünewälder, 2008). Moreover, international mobility of skilled workforce and archaic skills of the aging personnel has also necessitated organizations to create an employer brand to retain and attract the best talents for enhancing business performance in the upcoming future (Kupfernagel, 2009). Researchers have shown that almost 69% of the Americans prefer to be unemployed rather than taking up a job in an ill reputed company whereas 84% of the global workforce is ready to resign from their current position if they receive an opportunity from a good reputed company, irrespective of the pay package (Breaugh and Starke, 2000). Hence, it is evident that organizations expertise only when employees are best fitted in an organizational context and such practices can only be achieved if companies start exercising employer branding.
Analyzing all these factors associated with employer branding, it can be concluded that in order to attract and preserve skilled human resources, ensure organizational growth and profitability as well as ascertain the company’s acceptability, all organizations should consider brand as an employer.
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