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An In-depth Look at ADM Building and Property Services - Dissertation Example

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The current paper “An In-depth Look at ADM Building and Property Services” aims to look into the working environment of ADM Building and Property Services, a small-sized business in London, and identify their business behaviors and practices in relation to small business management…
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An In-depth Look at ADM Building and Property Services
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Extract of sample "An In-depth Look at ADM Building and Property Services"

Download file to see previous pages The first two questions were, however, focused on both the opportunities and challenges that are brought about by being in a small business. According to their responses:
“Small businesses can be established at a low cost and even on a part-time basis. Because these businesses that are smaller in size, such as ours, have begun to adopt Internet marketing and have taken full advantage of the benefits that this offers, we have been to respond to specialized niches. Thus, we have been able to take action for what the marketplace demands of us”.
“We have established strong relationships with our clients and customers; we have also been capable of identifying their needs and preferences so we can provide more individualized services. Due to such, we have attained a significant increase in development and accountability as well”.
“Independence is a very important factor to consider when establishing a small business; this comes with the freedom to make our own decisions, take our own risks, and obtain the rewards for our efforts. There is a lack of constraints that are brought about by economic and other external factors. Nonetheless, allocating long hours for work and understanding that our clients are our bosses have always been a top priority”.
“Most often, the problems we encounter are brought about by the pressures from competing with larger businesses. For instance, to find new customers has always been a great challenge for us. To establish a continuous flow of business, it has always been very important to focus on marketing the services that we offer”. ...Download file to see next pagesRead More
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An In-Depth Look at ADM Building and Property Services Dissertation - 3.
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