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In addition, not reporting the case as well as, not adhering to their role to protect the students in the University (Chapel, 2012). Sexual abuse…
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Opening Case Study
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Human Resource: Case Study Insert Insert s Question One The main ethical failures in the Sandusky/PSU case were sexual abuse and the participation of the top management in the University. In addition, not reporting the case as well as, not adhering to their role to protect the students in the University (Chapel, 2012). Sexual abuse of the students was the major ethical issue with the majority of the top management not caring enough to ensure the safety of their students. The school has the responsibility to ensure that staffs as well as students are protected from any abuse. The culture of looking the other side should be changed within the University. Various players should understand their roles as protectors of the students and other actors such as employees from any form of abuse.
Question 2
The culture of unethical behaviour was bred from the top management by what the leaders of the University did not ensure that their staff observed highest ethical behaviour.
Question 3
The people who first became aware of the situation and the allegations should have ensured that proper investigations were conducted to ensure that the allegations were true or not and respond appropriately.
Question 4
The sanctions against the Penn State in my opinion were not sufficient. More measures that are drastic should have been taken including a complete change of management to ensure that responsible leaders are in place.
Student one comment
The first student clearly illustrates the culture of unethical behaviour and explains the various players that were involved in the scandal. The student further shows the sections that were taken and what should have been to avoid worsening of the situations. He concludes that reporting was delayed to salvage university name and its superiors involved
Student two comment
The second student has also conducted an analysis of the situation that is adequate with the failures of leadership and culture illustrated in the analysis. He foresee the profound effect of the act to the children and he is categorical that Pen State had the mandate to fix all loopholes. The mistakes done should be used to teach a lesson to all.
Student three comment
He demonstrate how the university has failed by mismanaging a department, which was so valued in the society to one where transgressions and unethical behaviour have been reinforced over time. He fails to understand why the system was unable to investigate the first allegation and wonders if Sandusky was above the law.
Chapel, B (2012). “Penn State Abuse Scandal: A Guide and Timeline “accessed online on 22/1/14 at Read More
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Opening Case Study Essay Example | Topics and Well Written Essays - 250 Words.
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