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Ethics in Business - Essay Example

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Berle owns three aluminum plants, which are profitable, and one plastics plant, which is losing $4 million a year. This means that when the company does not…
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Ethics in Business
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Download file to see previous pages This is sufficient reason for the company to sell the company. Since plastic industry is making losses it is ethical to sell the company to a company with other intension and in this case it is sold to Rooney who intends to introduce automation, and to replace all present employees. The employees should not be replaced but trained if not absorbed in the mother company. The company should be ready to take this short term costs that the yearly losses of $ 4 million.
The matter of environmental conservation is of great concern. Since I have not read the report of chemical composition in our manufacturing firm. This is because it was written in foreign language. Though am aware of the contents of the report, it will be right for me to say no when questioned by a report. The reporter is a whistleblower to the nation asking me to provide information of the company, because the information will cause panic to the employees and the community members.
This is because of the chemical that is feared to affect their lives. It is ethical before whistle blowing to be sure of the information and let the information be evaluated, tested and audited. The issue at hand should be declared by the management and not the individuals. This is because the individuals need to be protected and therefore need for confidentiality.
My concern for the proposal is high. This is because the major competitor is from Japan. It is wise to use a local agent who is close to the politician to get the proposal. The agent must follow the law of agency by getting a 10% commission as agreed when he gets the proposal. The agent has violated the terms by asking extra $100000 and this is unethical. This is fraud because the request of the agent could be higher than the project and this is not acceptable .As a project manager I will try to explain to him to accept the initial offer so as to avoid fraud because it may collapse the project when it starts. I would review the terms for the agent and it ...Download file to see next pagesRead More
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Ethics in Business Essay Example | Topics and Well Written Essays - 1000 Words - 1.
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