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An Evaluation of Unethical Behaviors - Research Paper Example

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The research paper deals with the impact and evaluation of unethical behavior on the business and the society. The influence of the environment has a negative impact on the ethical behavior, which can be overcome by providing training. …
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An Evaluation of Unethical Behaviors
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Download file to see previous pages Ethics deals with the moral references which affect the decision making process of the kids. The values which are imbibed in the kids by their parents are to respect their seniors, be courteous and be honest. These attributes make the child to be driven by values which in future help them to be integrated and open towards the world and the society. In the childhood, the students are taught how to judge things and what should be recognized to make a better decision. Children should be made to realize the significance of freedom of expression and the effective use of the expression on the ethical ground, which in turn would enable to direct their psychological development towards acting in the right manner based ethical knowhow (Singer, 1999). The sense of responsibility, self-awareness, along with identifying the needs and values are the key constituents of ethical counseling. The child must be taught to be dignified and respect other individuals if they are doing the correct thing as per their perception. They should be motivated and be ready to help the people in need. The child needs to understand the importance of their strength, competence and their self-importance. Moreover, the children must be made aware of the culture, society and must be capable of analyzing the situation to procure ethical decision with their clear perception of what is right or wrong based on the lesson taught. In the young age, a child learns things from their surroundings and adopts different facets. Thus, it is the responsibility of the parents to make their children understand about the good and the bad (Barblett, Hydon & Kennedy, 2008). II. Review of Literature The execution of unethical behavior at times...
This paper approves that at the time of hiring the management must be careful and test the perception and the values of the individual to avoid unethical behavior. Unethical behavior of any individuals causes huge damages to the perception, knowledge and trust of the people. The unethical behavior of the individual might lead to the loss of the investors which might harm the sentiments of the people. The people get hurt and burst into anger due the loss faced of the unethical behavior of the management. The moral dealings, the brand name of the company and the individual are despised because of the mistrust. The rules and regulations, the guidelines, promise of the company along with the individual are broken due to the behavior of the people. The unethical behavior might lead to the loss of respect, loyal customers and the contracts made with others. The image of the business is hampered due to the wrong decision made consciously.
From the study, it can be concluded that ethical behavior is a key facet of every business. The adherence to ethics values helps a company and the individuals to achieve their goal with complete integrity. The unethical behavior hampers the business and the related stakeholders. The society faces the turmoil of the unethical behavior as people tend to lose their trust, honesty and moral values after such incidence. The implication of the unethical behavior is huge and to overcome it ethics training is an important aspect. The reasons for such behavior are several but the moral philosophies might help people to overcome such behavior and follow ethics. ...Download file to see next pagesRead More
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