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Interview process is where by an interviewer screens an interviewee to determine if he/she is qualifies according to the interviewer’s standard so that he/she be hired for a job. There are many ways that interviewers can use to evaluate those who apply for an opportunity…
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Job Anaylsis
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HUMAN RESOURCES (HR) Interview process is where by an interviewer screens an interviewee to determine if he/she is qualifies according to the interviewer’s standard so that he/she be hired for a job. There are many ways that interviewers can use to evaluate those who apply for an opportunity to be interviewed. I am privileged to have gone through two methods; One to one and telephone interview. One on one method is where by the interviewer and the interviewee meet face to face and there is only the two of them during the interview process. Telephone interview is where by the interview is done over the phone i.e. the interviewer and interviewee is at two different locations at the time of the interview.
2. The major challenge with one to one interview is that the in most cases the interviewer is only conversant with a limited scope of knowledge which is in line with his/her line of career or day to day duties which they tend to concentrate with during the interview. This is always a disadvantage to the interviewee more so when one is conversant with the line of interest of the interviewer because they don’t get to be tested in other areas that one may be good at but the interviewer don’t ask because they are not conversant with (Armstrong, et al.2012).
3. For the case of one to one interview, I would suggest that they have a panel instead of one panel so that each member of the panel will have a chance to ask a question in line with their area of competence. This will work to the advantage of both parties since they will be able to examine the applicant one most of the areas of their interest and the interviewee will also get a chance to prove that he/she has a line that is best in or they may prove to be good at different areas. In the telephone interview, I would urge the company to communicate early enough the exact date and time of the interview so as to enable the interviewee to do prepare and thorough research for the interview and one can also control his/her environment before the interview so as to avoid poor communication during the interview.
4. It is very important to carry out a background investigation for a job. This is necessary since it will enable you to really understand the company you want to work for better. It also helps one to make intelligent guesses of the questions one is likely to expect during the interview or at least one will be able to know which sections the employer might be really interested with. The interviewer may also ask a question about the company to determine if one is really enthusiastic and excited about working for the company (Dale, et al.2003). Most employers are usually impressed to find out that a candidate has accurate information about their company and this really boosts ones chances of being hired.
5. The recruiting source was through an advertisement in the newspaper and the major advantages realized included; lots of people could not access the information thereby increasing the chances of getting the best candidate and also the readers could refer to the information as many times as they wish. The disadvantages include; Ad space was costly hence increasing the cost of recruiting process. Another disadvantage was that an Ad would go unnoticed since there were many ads in the same paper. I would therefore suggest that for recruiting fresh graduates is done through advertising in schools and colleges before graduation day.
6. The validity and reliability of the one to one interview has the highest reliability more so when the questions asked are standardized and also the interviewer should be trained on how to avoid any type of biasness during the interview process.
7. The matrices used: Cost; this is done by tracking the average cost to hire employees i.e. dividing recruitment related expenses by the number of hires. Selection rate; this evaluates the number of new hires against the total number of applicants. Acceptance rate; this is done by evaluating the number of applicants that accepted job against those offered the job. Yield rate; Recruitment is evaluated from on stage to another.
8. I would propose of employee referral strategy. This is because employees will always refer people whom they are sure is equal to the task and have good reputation (Michaels, et al. 2002).
9. The biggest problem with this strategy is that employees tend to only refer their friends or relatives or even ask for bribe so as to refer someone and this can have adverse impact to the organization since it will not achieve diversity nor affirmative action as planned.
10. It is in effectively implemented when the organization has a proven record from the past of discrimination.

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