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Report on recruitment and selection processes - Assignment Example

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This report includes a comparison of the two recruitment and selection guidelines that were documented by Healthcare United in different periods of its operation. The…
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Report on recruitment and selection processes
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Extract of sample "Report on recruitment and selection processes"

Download file to see previous pages ort involves a comparison of the two versions of the selection and recruitment policies included in the 2000 policy guidelines and the 2010 policy guidelines of the company. The report is suitably concluded by providing recommendations regarding the changes which may be necessary for improving the overall process of the recruitment and selection policies of Healthcare United. It can be identified from the comparison that there are significant ways in which the 2010 policies can be improved. The main recommendations given are that the time related to all the procedures must be made more flexible, the involved personnel should be made task oriented, documentation process should be made short and simple and support and training should be more task related.
Healthcare United operates in the domain of healthcare and is one of the leading healthcare providers in Australia. Healthcare United is an advanced organization in terms of strategic planning and human resource management. The company has always tries to employ the best possible human resources available in the domain of healthcare. The company is an equal opportunity and unbiased employer which has helped to maintain a sustainable and ethical image over the years of its operation. The company employs 1500 healthcare professionals who work in two sites of the company. One of the sites of Healthcare United is located in Victoria and the other is located in NSW. The company has recently drafted a new strategic plan that it aims to implement while opening up another office in a new location. The selected location is Hobart in Australia itself. In this situation, it is significant for the company to compare the effectiveness of the new guidelines with that of the old guidelines. With more than 1500 employees working in different sites of the company and with the company planning to open up a new office in another area, it has become of imminent importance to create well-defined and functional recruitment and selection ...Download file to see next pagesRead More
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(Report on Recruitment and Selection Processes Assignment - 3)
Report on Recruitment and Selection Processes Assignment - 3.
“Report on Recruitment and Selection Processes Assignment - 3”, n.d.
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