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Aspects of technology matter for the development of call centers because the call center personnel deal with passing relevant information to customers far from them. This work gives an insight on what a practice…
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Training call center personnel
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Training Call Center Personnel Introduction An ideal practice guide has information on implementing the case. Aspects of technology matter for the development of call centers because the call center personnel deal with passing relevant information to customers far from them. This work gives an insight on what a practice case should contain and specifically for launching new products.
Case Practice Manual
In designing the practice case, I propose that the organization adopts product and customer centric models because the launch of new product requires passing information to customers. The approach used should train the call center personnel are conversant with the information they pass to customers. Sales made will help the company to develop better strategies for developing other sectors. The customer strategy shall include customer profiling, which involves identifying who the clients of the business are and what they need. Access channels are another consideration and for this case, the website and retail shops will stock the new products. The company also needs to determine the way of communication with customers (International Financial Corporation, 2013).
The practice case will have the methods of management involved because management practices form a fundamental part of success in administration. The case will also outline the objectives of the call center department and the how personnel involved should operate. The case will also have a provision for continuous learning to ensure that the trained staff will pass the information to the untrained. Such a method will mean that the system will involve many employees, not just a few.
It is necessary that the company embraces the use technology to reach and market the product. For instance, the website forms the essential component of the technological aspect of the case system. Implementation of the case will take differentiated teaching styles, but which should emphasize involvement. Participants will gain knowledge of creativity on how to tackle customer-related issues.
The practice case should entail methods, approach targeted, the objectives, methods of delivery and the channels of passing information to others. For the launch of new products, both customer and product-centric approaches are essential. Involving a large number of participants gives a chance for developing untrained personnel.
International Finance Corporation (2013). Designing and Building a Call Center
For Mobile Money Financial Services. Retrieved January 18, 2015 from Read More
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Training Call Center Personnel Essay Example | Topics and Well Written Essays - 250 Words.
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