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Quality assessment at bank call centre - Research Paper Example

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Customer demands high quality and it is extremely essential for them. Similar attributes and deeds are not required by all the customers, they need variety in products and also…
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Quality assessment at bank call centre
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Extract of sample "Quality assessment at bank call centre"

Download file to see previous pages is a need to decrease variation so that proper attention can be given to continuous improvement in what is provided to the customers as is demanded by the customers. Another philosophy which needs to be established as a central part of the organization is the crucial need to implement correct controls along with proper techniques so that improvement can be made whenever it is required and is possible. As a student, it is very important for us to properly understand and realize the importance quality holds for organizations, specially the service sector which constantly is informing its employee’s importance of quality to make them an important customer segment. After a lot of research, finally we were able to find a bank which is providing proper service to its customers which is ICICI bank. 
 At ICICI Bank, all the banking and also financial products are offered to the corporate and also retail customers , they are using a variety of delivery channels and also through their subsidiaries which are specialized in life and also non-life insurance, investment banking also also asset management and venture capital. The bank is operating in India, Russia, Canada, Hong Kong, China and also United Kingdom.ICICI equity shares are basically listed in India on National Stock Exchange of India Limited and also Bombay Stock Exchange. American depositary Receipts are basically listed on New York Stock Exchange. Company was basically promoted during the year 1994 and was by ICICI limited which is an Indian Financial Institution and was also wholly owned through subsidiary. ICICI has board comprising of eminent individuals who are wealthy and also have international business experience related to financial services, banking and also management consulting. ICICI is providing innovation in banking services which are liked and recognized all over the world. They have properly managed idea along with innovative products and also launches. Bank is also involved in engaging ...Download file to see next pagesRead More
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