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Periodic duties are tasking and may take days depending on the scale (Quible, 2014). Irregular duties can take weeks because they are very intensive in terms of labor, time and capital.
The office manager develops…
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Job Analysis
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Job Analysis Job Analysis Interview information • of Employee: Argelio Chappotin • Job Office Manager • Job Analyst:
• Department: Production
• Date: January 15, 2015
2. Job introduction
• Describe: location of job and, if necessary or appropriate.
The Office Manager will work out of a local educational facility.
3. Job purpose:
• What is the essence of work in your position? What is the job’s overall purpose?
The Office Manager is responsible for organizing and coordinating office operations and procedures in order to ensure organizational effectiveness and efficiency.
4. Job duties
What are the main duties and responsibilities of your position?
Managing all office operations and ensuring they are up to speed.
Providing timely updates on office operations when and if required
Training and inducting new employees
Describe your duties in the following categories: daily duties, periodic duties, duties performed at irregular intervals (Quible, 2014).
Daily Duties
Maintaining office cleanliness, good ambience and comfort
Preparing office schedules and availing them to all employees.
Managing office workers
Ensuring the office is well supplied with needed items.
Ensuring employees follow set schedules.
Ensuring employees are supplied with food and drinks as required.
Periodic Duties
Organizing meetings, conferences and workshops
Updating employees on relevant developments
Training new employees
Duties performed at Irregular Intervals
Review and appraisal of employee performances
Review of office standards and updating them if necessary.
Developing manuals, ground rules, and codes of conduct for employees
How long do they take?
Daily duties take, depending on their nature, at least an hour. Periodic duties are tasking and may take days depending on the scale (Quible, 2014). Irregular duties can take weeks because they are very intensive in terms of labor, time and capital.
How do you do them?
The office manager develops criteria for conducting the duties and then implements them or delegates implementation to employees and focuses on supervision (Quible, 2014). The responsibilities require a hands-on and pragmatic individual who will execute duties practically and assign when necessary.
Are you performing duties not presently included in your job description? Describe.
Yes. My duties currently entail responsibilities associated with human resource management (HRM) because they are closely related and tend to overlap. Other overlapping duties I perform include office logistics, which should be handled by the logistics manager but often overflow into my job description.
Do you use special tools, equipment, or other sources of aid? If so, list the names of the principal tools, equipment, or sources of aid you use.
Computers, office management software, printers, cleaning equipment and agents, scanners, photocopiers, the internet, cutlery
Describe the frequency and degree to which you are engaged in such activities as: pushing, throwing, pulling, carrying, sitting, running, kneeling, crawling, reaching, climbing…
Pushing – Regularly and to a moderate extent
Throwing – Rarely and to a limited extent
Carrying – Very frequently and to a large extent
Sitting – Very often and to a large degree
Running –Irregularly and to a limited degree
Kneeling – Irregularly and to a limited extent
Crawling – Never
Reaching – Very frequently and to a large extent
Climbing – Rarely but to a large extent
5. Job criteria / results
How would you define success in your work?
Efficiency and effectiveness in office operations; that is the essence of my work
Have work standards been established (errors allowed, time taken for a particular task, etc.)? If so, what are they?
Work standards have been established. They include set durations timelines for activities like cleaning, error margins, and cost effectiveness. For example, the office and all office items should be cleaned between 1800 and 2000 hours daily so that by the time employees arrive in the morning they work in a clean and conducive environment.
Describe the successful completion and/or end results of the job.
Clean, safe, healthy and well supplied office with the highest efficiency standards
6. Records and Reports
What records or reports do you prepare as part of your job?
Employee performance reports, budget reports, goal attainment reports, office performance and standards reports, and appraisal reports
Who do you have to send these reports?
The HR manager
7. Supervisor
Who is your supervisor?
The HR manager
What kinds of questions or problems would you ordinarily refer to your supervisor?
Questions concerning employee contracts and remuneration, questions concerning employee attitudes and performances, questions concerning reviews and appraisals, and questions concerning staffing (Quible, 2014).
Are the instructions you receive clear and consistent with your job description?
They often are, but sometimes they can be ambiguous and inhibit execution of duties.
8. Authority
What is the level of authority vested in your position?
A moderate level of authority. I can reprimand and question but I cannot take punitive measures.
What is the level of accountability and to whom are you accountable?
A high level of accountability is expected for my position. I am accountable to the HR manager and the CEO.
What kinds of independent action were you allowed to taking?
I am allowed to reprimand employees, review their performances, and request for more funding.
9. Responsibilities
Are you responsible for any confidential material? If so, describe how you handle it.
I am responsible for keeping employee information confidential. I ensure that each employee’s personal and work information is accessible only by me and senior management, not other employees (Quible, 2014).
Are you responsible for any money or things of monetary value? If so, describe how you handle it.
I am responsible for my budget and office equipment I use. I manage my budget allocations efficiently and ensure office equipment are safe and sound.
10. Compensation
Consider your level of productivity, and the skill level required to fulfill your responsibilities, do you think that you are: underpaid? Overpaid? Why?
I am underpaid. This is because I perform many duties that are not in my job description (HR and logistics) and most of them are time and labor intensive (Quible, 2014).
11. Knowledge
What special knowledge of specific work aids are needed for this position?
Excellent knowledge of basic computer applications like MS Office, knowledge of office management software, and ability to use office equipment effectively
Describe the level, degree, and breadth of knowledge required in these areas or subjects.
High level of practical and theoretical knowledge is needed.
Indicates the educational requirements for the job (not the educational background of the incumbent).
First degree or diploma in administration or office management
What level of education is required for your position?
University or college level
What type of certification and licensing is required for your position?
Health and safety certification. No licensing is required.
Can you specify the training time needed to arrive at a level of competence on the job?
At least 2 months of training; the rest is acquired on the job.
What sort of on the job training is needed for this position?
Health and safety management, equipment handling, and etiquette
12. Skills/ Experience
What activities must you perform with ease and precision?
Preparing office schedules, using office equipment, and keeping the office well supplied.
What are the manual skills that are required to operate machines, vehicles, equipment, or to use tools?
Ability to work fast, knowledge of operating manuals and procedures, and ability to drive, and basic knowledge of equipment servicing (Quible, 2014)
Indicates the amount of experience needed to perform the job.
At least 5 years’ experience in a busy setting
What level of experience and skills are required for your position?
High level of experience and skills
13. Abilities required
What mathematical ability must you have?
Moderate mathematical ability. The office manager must be capable of balancing books to determine costs and overspending.
What reasoning or problem solving ability must you have?
Ability to identify problems and weaknesses and come up with effective solutions, awareness and understanding of work requirements, and ability to provide logical justifications for actions (Quible, 2014)
What interpersonal abilities are required? What supervisory or managing abilities are required?
Good communication, empathy, and understanding. Excellent people management and supervisory skills
What physical abilities such as strengths, coordination, a visually acuity must you have?
Excellent coordination and management skills, good physical condition and health, and good visual acuity
14. Working instruments
Describe briefly what machines, tools, equipment or work aids the incumbent works with on a regular basis.
Computers, vehicles, kitchen equipment, printers, scanners, cutlery, public address systems, and office management software
15. Health and safety
What is the safety conditions related to this position?
High level of safety is required, especially since the office is a habitable environment. Standard safety requirements are supplemented with personal responsibility and keenness (Quible, 2014). For equipment, all operating procedures and manuals must be followed.
Does your work present any type of hazardous or unusual working conditions?
Yes, it does.
16. Working conditions
Describe your working conditions.
My working conditions are ideal and supportive of my work. I work in a safe, healthy, comfortable, and clean environment.
Describe the frequency and degree to which you will encounter working conditions such as these: cramped quarters, moving objects, vibration, and inadequate ventilation.
Cramped quarters – Rarely and to a limited extent
Moving objects – Very frequently, and to a large extent
Vibration – Often, but to a limited extent
Inadequate ventilation – Rarely and to a limited extent
Conclusion of your findings
The office manager position is a critical position that requires a lot of skills, knowledge, and acuity to execute effectively (Quible, 2014). The office manager is an important member of the organization and the duties involved demand the highest level of commitment
Quible, Z. (2014). Administrative office management (8th edition, Pearson new international Ed.). Harlow, Essex: Pearson/Prentice Hall. Read More
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