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Expatriation in a business context is an action taken by firms to send their personnel to foreign countries to carry out tasks for a particular period of time…
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Expatriate management
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Download file to see previous pages has seen several medical practitioners and health workers deployed in those areas from foreign nations including doctors, nurses, counsellors, and social health workers among others. However, success as a professional expatriate in the foreign countries with new cultures and new people is never guaranteed as most expatriates record failures whenever they get to these new work stations. This paper aims at analysing and accounting for some of these failures and ways of minimising them.
In most cases when these expatriates are sent to these new and foreign regions for an assignment, they are usually offered extra allowances. The added financial benefits would make one think these people have higher chances of success owing to the hype that comes along with the whole expatriation (Guest, 2014:199). Allowances such as risk, housing, transport, food and accommodation are some of the benefits that employees enjoy when these oversees opportunities arise. It also presents a person with a chance to develop career-wise as they are more likely to meet new colleagues and face different challenges that trigger the need to research more. However, the periods do not only bring out the positive effects but also some negative impacts that immerses one into a sea of emotional turmoil owing to the anticipation of leaving for another country for probably longer periods like it happens in some cases. Therefore, there are several reasons why expatriates are likely to fail in their missions in these foreign lands and may lead to their posting being withdrawn before the contracted period elapses.
Culture is quite a significant aspect of our lives which in shaping behaviour and defining social life. Dissociating from one’s culture and integrating into another new one is such a big problem to people; expatriates included. Moving into another country especially a new continent means a whole new lifestyle. Cultural inflexibility may deter an expatriate from effectively discharging their ...Download file to see next pagesRead More
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