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IHRM Recommendations - Improving Subsidiary Performance - Essay Example

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This paper "IHRM Recommendations - Improving Subsidiary Performance" investigates the question of Jim Grant who has pointed out that considerable problems related to human resources exist within Medical Precision Systems' three subsidiaries in France, Sweden and the United Kingdom. …
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IHRM Recommendations - Improving Subsidiary Performance
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Extract of sample "IHRM Recommendations - Improving Subsidiary Performance"

Download file to see previous pages Within this operation, Joe Mendes reports that attempts to integrate a performance management system are meeting with worker and union resistance, generally obstructing forward productivity in this subsidiary.
Our subsidiary in France is plagued with excessive staff holidays, which tends to disrupt production and overall facility productivity, requiring a more effective performance management system and a method by which to boost productivity.
In Sweden, Gary Alder reports that high unionisation, a workforce which offers resistance to performance management targets, and American expatriate managers who are not adapting management policies befitting Swedish cultural ideals are causing significant barriers to effective HRM and productivity.
Because of the problems with expatriate managers and foreign labour expectations, a series of recommendations are offered to better streamline and enhance the international human resources policies of Medical Precision Systems.
MPS has made a marked effort to expand into international territory, with all three of the firms subsidiary operations having been acquired or established no less than ten years ago. Under the ultimate strategy of transforming MPS into a transnational entity, clearly, a tremendous improvement effort is required to ensure that MPS reaches its target of global expansion with minimal disruption to the business objectives for growth and profitability. Currently, under the phases of internationalisation proposed by Adler & Ghadar (1990), MPS has reached a level of multi-domestic or international operations, not yet categorised as a multi-national firm. Multinational, or global firms, require that management (regardless of their point of host origin) share a common set of values and beliefs. As of this date, MPS' subsidiary operations remain focused on improving local responsiveness and attempts to transfer American, domestic learnings to those of the overseas labour forces. ...Download file to see next pagesRead More
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