TD-2 HRM - 403 Expatriate Preparation - Essay Example

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Since expatriates are from a foreign country, proper training is essential to ensure that they easily integrate and adapt to the…
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TD-2 HRM - 403 Expatriate Preparation
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Expatriate Preparation Institution of Affiliation

A person is referred to as an expatriate if he/she is temporarily or permanently residing in a foreign country away from where he/she was brought up. Since expatriates are from a foreign country, proper training is essential to ensure that they easily integrate and adapt to the new environment.
Training and Development opportunities of expatriates
Communication skills training; it is necessary to train the expatriates on how they will relate to others. This training is even more important when the expatriate in question is not familiar with the language in usage in the country he/she plans to relocate. This training also helps the expatriates know how to develop interpersonal relationship with fellow workers.
Training in culture; the expatriates should be made familiar with the cultural practices of the people living in these foreign countries.
Specific skills training; this will help in application and practice of the skills that are necessary and which will help the expatriates succeed in the foreign country.
Continuous assessment; the assessment will assist in knowing the progress of expatriates. It is also necessary to provide the expatriates with mentors who they can depend on when they need any clarification. (Selmer, 1995. Pg. 62)
Resources and Tools
The internet has excellent sites where one can study the cultures of the people in different locations. The expatriates can read more about the countries they will be relocating to and gain necessary knowledge.
There are books already published that can help the expatriates learn various skills such as communication skills that will come handy once they relocate.
Technology has advanced to greater levels, and training systems can be developed which can be used to automate the training and development of expatriates. (Causin, 2007. Pg. 23)
Gina Fe Garcia Causin, (2007). A Study to examine the preparation and Training of Hospitality Expatriate. ProQuest Publishers.
Jan Selmer, (1995). Expatriate Management: New Ideas for International Business. Greenwood Publishing Group. Read More
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TD-2 HRM - 403 Expatriate Preparation Essay Example | Topics and Well Written Essays - 250 Words.
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