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Women Expatriates - Research Paper Example

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Other scholars define expatriates as professionals who are living overseas temporarily with a purpose. Recent research proves that women…
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Women Expatriates
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Extract of sample "Women Expatriates"

Women Expatriates Women Expatriates Question An expatriate is defined as an individual who is a noncitizen in the country wherehe or she is assigned to work (Ismail & Tahir, 2007). Other scholars define expatriates as professionals who are living overseas temporarily with a purpose. Recent research proves that women expatriates face various challenges especially in male dominated societies. In most countries, women expatriates usually monitor and control the financial profit gain and distribution process of a company.
In addition, the expatriates also offer their opinion in terms of technological transfer in an organization. This asserts that their main task in an organization is to maintain the structure and philosophy of the organization. However, the women expatriates should have a different cross-cultural training program because of the numerous challenges they face (Ismail & Tahir, 2007). In this program, they are supposed to learn how to interrelate with their male co-workers. This affirms that women expatriates are of high benefit to companies.
Question #2
Recent research confirms that women expatriates have several advantages over the male expatriates. This is mostly attributed to the socialization of a woman with her co-workers. This enables them to understand all the surrounding happenings. Therefore, most women use their socialization ability as an asset over their male counterpart. On the other hand, the men expatriates are regarded as more competent compared to the women (Ismail & Tahir, 2007). In most companies, there are more men expatriates than the women expatriates. Women also face different challenges as expatriates. The most common challenge that women face in their line of duty is the bad treatment which is usually by the male co-workers in the company. The male expatriates mostly face cross-cultural challenges in their new environment. This is because they are faced with ‘cultural shock’ in the new environment.
Question #3
Nowadays, women are faced with various challenges and adjustment problems in the expatriate profession. One of the most common challenges is related to the custom and religion aspect. In most multiethnic countries, women expatriates experience a difficulty in understanding the dress code of local individuals (Haile, Jones, & Emmanuel, 2007). According to various sources, when women expatriates do not understand the proper dress code, they might end up dressing against the social norms thus; the locals can portray negative remarks. Therefore, companies are supposed to provide a cross-cultural training program to the expatriates for them to understand the cultural aspects of the country they are going to work. This will equip the expatriates with general culture skills in their location of duty.
Haile, S., Jones, M., & Emmanuel, T. (2007). Challenges facing expatriate performance abroad. International Journal of Business Research. Retrieved from
Ismail, M., & Tahir, A. (2007). Cross-cultural challenges and adjustments of expatriates: A case study in Malaysia. Turkish journal of International Relations, 6(4) 72-99. Read More
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Women Expatriates Research Paper Example | Topics and Well Written Essays - 250 Words.
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