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Glass ceiling and glass border are terminologies often used to describe barriers women might face in the labour market. Do we see any evidence of these barriers disappearing - Essay Example

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Existing literature on international human resource management gives little attention to the experience of women in top-tier management especially in international organizations. There is an acute dearth of empirical research which gives details on the best roles and careers…
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Glass ceiling and glass border are terminologies often used to describe barriers women might face in the labour market. Do we see any evidence of these barriers disappearing
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Extract of sample "Glass ceiling and glass border are terminologies often used to describe barriers women might face in the labour market. Do we see any evidence of these barriers disappearing"

Download file to see previous pages Since little is known about these challenges, there is a lack of coping strategies developed to avert them. This deficiency in coping strategies limits the availability of opportunities for women’s progression to senior management positions by creating both covert and overt barriers (Donald and Hartmann, 2005, p.478). However, with the advent of globalization, issues of gender equity and gender equality are progressively gaining popularity (Donald and Hartmann, 2005, p.480). This has resulted in an increase in women’s participation in the labor force as they progressively get acceptance in professions, careers and occupations previously reserved for men. However, most of the results from the efforts fall short of set targets and expectations (Thomas and Sally, 2005, p.490). This has necessitated a proper understanding of the covert and overt barriers to women’s progression to top management positions. The slow but progressive disappearance of these barriers will form the major part of this document.
IHRM is a practice that encompasses all the activities revolving around coordinating employees and their efforts towards attaining pre-determined goals and objectives at a global scale (Thomas and Sally, 2001, p.89). IHRM also entails the process of sourcing for human resources, allocating them appropriate roles, and effectively putting their skill sets to use to maximize on the organizational effectiveness and efficiency of international firms (Thomas and Sally, 2001, p.89).
The term “glass ceiling” is used to describe the invisible and intangible barrier that prevents women or ethnic minorities from getting into top-level management in a hierarchical system (Olga and Río, 2012, p.160). A glass ceiling can also be defined as a set of attitudes that fosters the unjust prevention of women and ethnic minorities from getting into highly influential positions (Olga and Río, 2012, p.163). In most organizations, the existence of the discriminatory barrier in ...Download file to see next pagesRead More
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