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Appraisal Form - Assignment Example

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The mission of Softcom Incorporation is to focus on employee motivation and develop a healthy organizational culture where employees can be rewarded based on their overall work performance, growth, and development. As such, the company’s mission is to ensure that each…
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Appraisal Form
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Download file to see previous pages In general, a simple employee appraisal form can be designed using a combination of checklist, rating scale, and open-ended questions. Using rating scale, the first 5 questions was designed based on the Maslow’s Hierarchy of Needs theory and the ‘ERG’ theory. Question number 6 was designed based on the reinforcement theory whereas question number 7 and 8 was designed using goal-setting theory. Question number 9 was designed using the social cognition theory. Question number 10 was designed based on the motivator factor of Herzberg. Question number 11 was designed using an open-ended question to allow each employee to express what exactly would increase their motivation at work. (See Appendix I –Sample of Employee Appraisal Form on page 6)
Basically, question numbers 1 to 9 were purposely designed using the rating scale of 1 to 5. For sure, each employee has their own reason why they have provided a specific rank for each of these first 9 questions. To learn more about why they have provided certain score in each of these nine (9) questions, it is best to make use of an open-ended question. By doing so, the HR manager would know what to do to improve what is currently being provided to each of Softcom’s employees.
Question number 1 was designed to determine whether or not the company is providing each employee with the basic needs such as food and water. This question is related to the existence in ERG theory and physiological needs under Maslow’s hierarchy of needs. By asking each employee to rank this statement from 1 to 5, the HR manager can have rough idea on whether or not they are satisfied with what the company is currently providing them. By encouraging each one of them to say something about how the company can improve the available food and water, the HR manager would know exactly what to do and see whether or not the company can do something to make each employee satisfied with ...Download file to see next pagesRead More
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