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With this concern, various attributes have been taken into consideration such as communication skills of the supervisors, along with their motivating power, decision…
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Monitoring Performance unit 3
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Monitoring Performance Unit 3 This paper is aimed at developing a grading form to evaluate the performance of supervisors in the company. With this concern, various attributes have been taken into consideration such as communication skills of the supervisors, along with their motivating power, decision making efficiency, co-operation and goal orientation among others. Communication skills enable a person to convey information in a manner so that it is effectively received and interpreted. The leadership and its insinuation revolve around this quality. It is considered as one of the significant qualities that a leader must possess (Lindemann, & Reiser, 2000). In the similar context, motivation power is the ability to encourage the team members in order to put their best efforts and encourage them to work towards a shared goal with a purpose to achieve the desired objectives of an organization. It is in this context that a leader can motivate its followers providing rewards as well as recognitions. Rewards consist of bonuses, overtime pays, incentives, and gifts among others. On the other hand, recognition refers to the promotion, flexible working hours, special assignments, and increased responsibilities (Lindemann, & Reiser, 2000).
The capability of taking right decision at the right time as per the requirement is considered as a decision making ability of a person. Therefore, a good leader should be capable to take the right decision at right time in order to achieve the desired goal of an organization (Lindemann, & Reiser, 2000). A good leader should also have the ability to be cooperative and make coordination within team members. It can help the leader to take the team in one direction and coordinate them to work in the same goal (U.S. Merit System Protection Board, 2006).
Furthermore, sense of justice is considered as the quality of dealing with the team members through fair and justified approach. In this regards, check on all the facts and figures should be considered with due significance to the opinion of employees before passing the judgement rather than being partial and biased. The quality of listening to others problems and difficulties along with passions is considered as good listening skill of the leader. A leader should always listen to his/her followers and also provide solution which in turn can assist the organization to create an effective and efficient working environment (U.S. Merit System Protection Board, 2006).
Goal oriented approach directs a leader to make coordination within its team members in order to develop shared vision and mission in them. With regards to this statement, leader should focus towards its goal and assist organization to achieve its desired objectives in the long term period. Additionally, creativity and innovation are referred to the ability which directs the leader to think uniquely and constraints the solutions towards the respective problems. It provides a way to generate something novel and thus lead the followers in novel directions. Assertiveness is the ability to clearly state the duties and responsibilities of each and every team members so that misunderstandings can be avoided between the team members. Therefore, a leader should be assertive to get the desired results (U.S. Merit System Protection Board, 2006).
With regards to these criteria, a performance appraisal form has been developed and implemented as a significant fraction of the performance appraisal system in the organization. However, it is essential to acknowledge the supervisors regarding the gradation process so that they can render their potential to complete the assigned task and also to develop the process as ethically viable. It can also help in identifying the lacuna existing within the managerial procedures of the organisation rendering chances for improvements (The University of Arizona College of Optical Sciences, 2012).
Performance Appraisal Form
Weight age
Communication Skills
Motivation Skills
Decision-making Ability
Sense of justice
Listening skills
Goal Oriented
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Monitoring Performance Unit 3 Research Paper Example | Topics and Well Written Essays - 500 Words.
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