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The Common Goal and the Overall Productivity of the Organization - Research Paper Example

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In the research paper, the performance appraisal form has been presented below for that organization where the performance appraisal techniques have not been provided much importance and thus haven’t been properly implemented. Performance appraisal tends to motivate the staffs to work for the common goal…
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The Common Goal and the Overall Productivity of the Organization
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"The Common Goal and the Overall Productivity of the Organization"

Download file to see previous pages The above performance appraisal form has been prepared for the supervisors to estimate his/her performances on a regular basis. The rating scale consists of nine parameters ranging from Excellent to Low. The supervisor will be evaluated based on the performance within a certain stipulated time. Seven performance factors have been taken into account since they are the key skills that a supervisor needs to possess. These factors are administration, knowledge of work, communication, teamwork, decision making, leadership and scheduling. It is to state that greater weight has been provided to the decision making, teamwork, leadership, communication and knowledge of work because these are the most essential skills that the supervisor’s job demands. Communication relates to how efficiently a supervisor is listening to his subordinates. It also intends to identify whether the supervisor demonstrates his ideas orally and in writing or not. The other factor to consider is whether the supervisor reports to the management regarding the co-workers on a regular basis. Conversely, comparatively less weight has been provided to scheduling and administration since they are comparatively less significant; however, are important skills that are required. After having assessed the performance of an employee, it is vital to provide feedback on the performance that needs improvement and thus plan the activities that the organization along with the supervisor needs to take to make advancement in the performance. The plan can be to provide training to the supervisors. The evaluator also needs to check the reason behind the unsatisfactory performance and thus plan their actions accordingly. ...Download file to see next pagesRead More
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