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Human Resource Management 323/ #5 - Assignment Example

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In the workplace, bullying may take place between co-workers, or managers may choose to bully employees. In other cases, the employees exhibit insulting or malicious behavior towards their supervisors and…
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Human Resource Management 323/Assignment#5
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Download file to see previous pages Other researchers agree that persistent criticism carried out with the purpose of humiliating someone also qualifies as bullying. It emerges that some managers rely on bullying as an effective management tool. They use different forms of demeaning or humiliating behavior in an effort to make sure that employees comply with their demands. However, bullying does not qualify as an effective management tool because it presents numerous adverse effects on the victims, as this paper will highlight.
Specifically, bullying in the workplace involves a range of activities or behavior. In some cases, social isolation or exclusion from meetings is one of the evident activities that define bullying. Some bullies withhold critical information from an individual with the purpose of interfering with their task completion or compromising the quality of their work. A continuation of unfair and highly destructive criticism defines some work places (Mathisen, Einarsen, & Mykletun, 2011). This affects the self-esteem of individuals who face such criticism. In other workplaces, bullying may even involve destruction of property or extreme cases of theft. Some bullies have mastered the art of intimidating behavior perpetrated against their victims. Verbal abuse, which often leads to unnecessary rumors, may also form part of bullying (Barber, 2012). Some managers have the habit of defining impractical targets within a limited time in order to prove the individual ineffective or incompetent.
Worse cases of bullying may undermine an individual’s authority within an organization or even destroy the individual’s reputation by making copies of memos to unauthorized audience. Some bullies even compel their victims to quit or resign from their jobs. In addition, bullying may involve the reassignment to menial jobs and termination of previous responsibilities without any formal explanations (Barnetson, 2010). Bullies may make use of ...Download file to see next pagesRead More
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