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Principles of practice management - Essay Example

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Principles of Practice Management Table of Contents Introduction 3 Case Scenario Report 4 Roles of Managers in Selecting and Developing Suitable Healthcare Practice Environment 5 Need for Effective Marketing and Promotion of the Healthcare Practices 6 Brokerage Issues in the Buying and Selling of Healthcare Services 7 Essentials of Starting a Practice to Meet the Healthcare Needs for a Group of Clients 8 Conclusion 11 References 12 Bibliography 16 Component-2 17 Introduction 17 Important Health and Safety Regulations and Requirement in Running a GP Practice 18 Requirements 19 Aspects of Financial Viability 20 Aspects of Operational Management 20 Methods Used for Optimising Service Configurati…
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Principles of practice management
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"Principles of practice management"

Download file to see previous pages Moreover, the practice of conducting different marketing activities and its different tools also ensures to increase the revenue enabling the organisations to gain considerable market share in this competitive business environment. Contextually, it also emphasises upon developing effective strategies and practices that significantly empowers the capability towards promoting new products or services and building new segments of potential customers for an organisation (Kotler &, 2008). In relation to the fiercely increasing pace of modern healthcare industry, it is firmly observed that the organisations seek to develop exceptional marketing strategies in order to attain competitive position among the rivals. Moreover, the healthcare institutions are likely to adopt various developed mechanism in order to retain its large consumer base and also to attain long-term sustainability in their respective business industry (Healthcare Strategy Institute, 2011). Emphasising upon the significance of marketing strategies and its different roles, the purpose of this report is to analyse the roles and responsibilities of the managers in order to develop the marketing processes of healthcare institutions. In order to clearly define the role and significance of the managers, the discussion of this report will also include the essential elements of selecting a suitable environment and identifying the need of implementing effective marketing and promotion especially in the healthcare industry. In this regard, the evaluation of brokerage issues in buying and selling practices along with applying essential marketing practice in order to meet the healthcare need of the potential clients will also be considered in the discussion of this report. Case Scenario Report The National Health Service (NHS) can be regarded as one of the renowned publicly funded healthcare service contributors which comprises a huge figure of healthcare settings in relation to provide exceptional healthcare benefits to its extensive consumer segments throughout the globe (NHS England, 2013). The organisation significantly involves numerous setting that encompasses different healthcare needs of the global clients including acute care setting along with primary in-patient care, ophthalmology and long-term healthcare facilities. In this context, the case scenario report will represent the role of the managers in the development and marketing of acute healthcare practice of NHS (Buchbinder & Shanks, 2007). The managers in the acute care setting play a pivotal role for NHS in terms of practicing healthcare services. In relation to the functions of the managers in the acute healthcare system, it is firmly observed that a large number of activities are involved which tend to execute the managers of the healthcare institutions (Russell, n.d.). The primary functions of the managers involve preparing effective plan through which the overall functions of the ...Download file to see next pagesRead More
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Principles of Practice Management Essay Example | Topics and Well Written Essays - 4000 Words.
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