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Individual Strategy Assignment - Essay Example

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Whenever a customer makes a purchase of any item from any organization or company, the company in most instances assures the client that indeed the particular product purchased is of significant value and benefit to the customer. Ideally, the success of any organization is…
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Individual Strategy Assignment
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Download file to see previous pages Value proposition, which states the specific benefits that a product or service provider offers the customer, is a necessity for every organization. Indeed, a company that lacks a clear and singular value proposition is similar to an individual without energy and power, and, therefore, lacks the ability to champion the occurrence of various aspects. Additionally, it is only through the value proposition that a company is able to convince the customers that indeed the products and services offered are the best among the other competitors and that the customers should only make purchase choice on their products and services. Apple is such a company with great brand and value proposition. Based on the above perspective, this paper discusses the development of Apple’s value proposition and factors supporting the value proposition including organizational task statements.
One critical aspect that every company or organizations put in the minds of the consumers is that their lives will improve significantly by the purchase of the company’s brand. Such is usually the idea that centers on company’s brand building. However, in the case of Apple, the company has gone overboard by creating products that seem like consumers must have. Additionally, in building their brand, Apple works on establishing an idea in the minds of their customers that there were no products and services like any other in the market, and as such, the customers never had an alternative but to buy their products. Ideally, Apple success rests in the building of assets that distinguish them from the rest, enabling the consumers no any alternative to their products. As such, Apple has developed its value proposition with a perception on the consumers’ minds that Apple’s products and services remain the best in the industry.
Whenever a customer asks for a reason as to why they should buy a particular company’s product or need their service, the company’s value proposition ...Download file to see next pagesRead More
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