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Impacts of Corporate Image on Brand Equity as a Sustainable Competitive Advantage: Evidence from Apple Inc - Essay Example

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This paper is based on the impact of the corporate image on building brand equity of a firm and how it generates its competitive advantage. The paper discusses the pieces of evidence from the branding strategies of Apple Inc and how the company has managed to gain the leading position…
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Impacts of Corporate Image on Brand Equity as a Sustainable Competitive Advantage: Evidence from Apple Inc
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Extract of sample "Impacts of Corporate Image on Brand Equity as a Sustainable Competitive Advantage: Evidence from Apple Inc"

Download file to see previous pages The research work also discusses the pieces of evidence from the branding strategies of Apple Inc and how the company has managed to gain the leading position in terms of brand valuation.
This research work is will give the readers a clear insight of the importance of the brand building to achieve the competitive advantage of a firm. In the increasingly competitive business market scenario, the firms are seeking out for new ways to secure a competitive position in the industry and to maintain future sustainability in its business operations. This research work will give them a clear idea of how to gain a strong position in the industry and eventually hold the leading position. This research paper has discussed several cases of Apple and its branding strategies. Since Apple holds the leadership position in the industry in terms of brand valuation so it is appropriate to discuss and analyze its strategies which can be utilized by other firms as well. This research paper can also be utilized by the academic readers who are looking forward to studying brand building and impact of corporate image and how a firm can build a strong competitive advantage over its rivals. It can also be used as a source of secondary data for any further research work in this field of study.
Brand equity has been described by Aaker (1991) by his brand equity model that identifies a brand by five salient components, which are Brand Loyalty, Brand Awareness, Perceived Quality/ value, Brand Association and other proprietary assets. According to the author, the brand equity can be defined as a set of assets and liabilities associated with a brand. The brand name or brand symbol is capable of adding or subtracting value from a product and can influence the brand assets such as the awareness of the products name, brand loyalty, perceived quality and other brand association. ...Download file to see next pagesRead More
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