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The organization and the individual benefit from gossip, especially if well understood and managed. It is common within and outside the organization. However, gossiping may sometimes cause distraction and…
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Organizational Communication about internship
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Organizational Communication about internship Part A Is office gossip beneficial for individuals? Organizations? Explain why or why not?
Indeed, gossip is an important activity at the work place (Miller, 2014). The organization and the individual benefit from gossip, especially if well understood and managed. It is common within and outside the organization. However, gossiping may sometimes cause distraction and waste valuable time. Gossip provides not only an opportunity for employees to reaffirm their personal bonds, interests and experiences, but also builds and maintains unity among the participants. Any manager who understands his or her workers will know that gossip is more than title-tattle, but is an essential activity for maintaining healthy interpersonal relations, which the production depends on (Downs & Adrian, 2012).
2. What role does communication play in customer service and the hospitality industry?
The modern economy is moving from manufacturing to service orientation. In essence, service production is crucial to human life because it relates directly to human social activities (Downs & Adrian, 2012). Therefore, there are a lot of personal contacts with people. This is seen mostly in hospitality industries like hotels and restaurants. In such places, where business success is dependent on customer satisfaction, effective communication should be enhanced. A good communication strategy enhances customer satisfaction and attainment of organizational goals. Furthermore, because too much engagement with customers, communication helps to clear up misunderstanding and promote straightforward business deals free from inaccurate information, sarcasm, and personal attacks. Usually, customers are ‘right’ and they should be treated with utmost good faith to feel appreciated. This can be achieved by effective communication.
3. How do the manager and/or company get employee input and why should they?
According to Miller, (2014), there is no employee who wants to be a faceless cog. Irrespective of how small or big the organization is, workers who are not appreciated and accommodated will drain the moral of other workers leading to low productivity and high turnover. Before the voiceless employees drain others, the company can conduct regular employee surveys to ascertain issues affecting them. This is the most recommended method of getting their input clearly examined. Employee survey is paramount because the organization can identify the loopholes and take corrective measures. Surveys bring on board all the parties to understand what each one is expected to. As a result, productivity levels will be maintained.
4. Which type of communication (verbal or written) do you think is most effective in a work setting? Why?
Written communication is formally accepted and removes doubts. Once words have been put on paper, it can easily be authenticated as opposed to written. Also, it cannot be easily altered and once written, the same information can reach all the recipients undistorted. Lastly, it can be stored for future reference. This can be stored in hard copy form or stored electronically.
Part B
Characteristics of a good communicator
Friendly to everybody
Makes use of illustrations very well
Asks questions
Informative and brilliant
Talks with confidence and security
Characteristics shadowed the manager
Friendly- indeed the manager is outgoing and social to everybody. Everybody he meets becomes his friend the next minute. He is talkative such that you cannot easily tell he is the manager.
Informative and brilliant- he is knowledgeable and full of information about what is happening around him. When you ask him some questions regarding the concept of operation, he goes beyond the expectation. Even other heads of sections approach him for advice.
Makes use of illustrations very well- by his gift of wealth of knowledge; he integrates examples and illustrations. He can bring a scenario out of context to illustrate something that makes everything simple however much it looks hard.
Talks with confidence and security- he is always courageous and confident of what he is talking about. I think this is because he is aware of what is happening. Interesting, he is sensitive to harsh words, thus hard to hurt others.
Downs, C. W., & Adrian, A. D. (2012). Assessing Organizational Communication: Strategic Communication Audits. London: Guilford Press.
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