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Teaching Staffs In American Elementary Schools - Assignment Example

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Education is a very important thing in the society without which no development can be accomplished. The research "Teaching Staffs in American Elementary Schools" seeks to study the effects of the motivation of teachers on the improvement of performance of elementary school learners…
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Teaching Staffs In American Elementary Schools
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Download file to see previous pages According to Schultz & Schultz (2010) and Leithwood, Alma & Hopkins (2008), there have been dismal performances in many schools because of lack of motivation of teachers. Although it is a common knowledge that elementary school marks the foundation of education, it has not been given the attention it rightfully deserves. Similar sentiments are emphasized by Pierce, et al. (2003) who acknowledges that elementary school teachers feel demoralized. This may be a right observation because it is what the research will be focusing on. More studies will be conducted to find out if indeed a demoralized teacher does not deliver as expected. It is in line with the research problem that needs to be resolved by the studies.
How to Motivate Elementary School Teachers
As Moos (2008) exclaims, a motivated teacher is more productive than the one who is not. Meaning, performance is directly proportional to the level of motivation one attains. Since education is a very wide sector, Dunham (2001) says that the teachers should be motivated through the use of monetary and non-monetary rewards. In his opinion, these include salary increment, promotions, proper job design, participation and recognition of hard working teachers who display a high level of professionalism and commitments in their duties. However, Gomez-Mejia, Luis; David, Balkin and Robert L. Cardy (2008) hold a contrary view because he urges in favor of the provision of a conducive working environment as the best way of boosting teachers’ morale. ...Download file to see next pagesRead More
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