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It’s a psychological process that enables one to be persistent and increase the effort towards achieving the intended goal. Motivation is self-driven which leads to the individual changing behavior…
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Download file to see previous pages According to Andree, R. G. (1974), In the US, elementary schools start from kindergarten up to second grade (k-2). Learning at this state is crucial since it’s the foundation of the education for the children. Therefore, if the teaching staff is motivated they will deliver quality concepts and also influence the performance of the learners. However, if demoralized learns won’t learn well; hence, the general performance is affected. Teaching at elementary school is currently challenging and demanding where technology is used in teaching therefore motivation of teachers is necessary to even go for computer classes. Underperformance is also a big challenge due insufficient efforts by the teaching staff especially in public schools. The research will try to address the cause of teachers de-motivation and determine whether motivation approaches will improve their teaching hence the overall performance of the learners.
This approach entails the ways that can be suitable to increase the motivation of the teachers. Factors that usually reinforce motivation are applied so as to create interest for the staff hence job satisfaction. The approach used depends on the source of motivation. It can either be intrinsic or extrinsic. Intrinsic entails physical, mental and spiritual recognition and praise, responsibility for ones work and being comfortable at work. In this context, extrinsic motivation as an approach may include; training of staff and advancement in their career. Inclusion of the teachers in decision making will enable them identify critical areas and find out the best ways of finding solutions. Decision making enables them own the career hence will increase their drive force (Thomas, K., 2002).
Provision of good working environment and also permitting them to go for further studies in their teaching area will improve their motivation. Dan Airley said that people think about motivation and payment as the same thing when they ...Download file to see next pagesRead More
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