Professional Development for Elementary Teachers, Team Building for Elementary Teachers and Teachers as Mentors in Elementary Schools - Essay Example

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In the 21s century, The Baltimore City Public School System faces numerous challenges that could potentially hinder student performance. The majority of Baltimore City's student population is comprised of children who come from low socio-economic backgrounds, single parent homes and many are welfare recipients…
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Professional Development for Elementary Teachers, Team Building for Elementary Teachers and Teachers as Mentors in Elementary Schools
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Download file to see previous pages One might conclude that under these circumstances, it would be nearly impossible for students to succeed in a Baltimore City Public School. However, the question of how educators can enhance student performance (specifically student test scores and attendance) in public schools has been widely discussed and explored by educational practitioners. In fact, educational reformers have developed different strategies to enhance student performance in public city schools.
Empowering teachers both inside and outside the classroom seems to be at the forefront as a key intervention for teachers in public elementary education today (Supovitz, p. 1591). Educational practitioners and researchers alike agreed that teachers can best empower themselves by engaging in different activities like professional development, team-building, mentoring. Such activities would not only empower teachers but they would also improve student performance.
Education is a life long process, especially for those who are educators. In the field of education there are always new developments, and for a teacher it's important to be up to date on the knowledge concerning a subject, as well as the most effective teaching methods to ensure that students have the best chance possible to succeed in school. It's important that teachers continue their education to better serve incoming students' needs. Professional development is viewed as a vital part of being a teacher. The most prominent form of professional development is traditional one, but there is also a technology-enhanced one that is becoming more readily available.
Team building process of teaching community is to improve the educational system. According to G. Maeroff (1993), 'the nucleus or team would assume ownership of new ideas and learn strategies for implementing them and for winning adherents among their colleagues in the school community' (p. 513). Researchers suggest that education might be improved by the formation of school teams of committed people who are prepared to take risks inside and outside their own classrooms. And Maeroff concludes that 'the greatest value of teams will be as vehicles for bringing improvements to teaching and learning' (p. 519).
'Existing' teachers mentoring other teachers is also an important point to take into consideration. This mentoring uses experienced master teachers who support and assist both novice and experienced teachers new to the district or a particular school. In team frame mentors should be team leaders, committed to professional growth, be confident and caring people. Only in this case it will bring the best results for both educators and students. The teaching environment should follow collaborative scheme, thus providing opportunities for discussion, reflection, and follow-up.
Professional development for teachers in public elementary schools
Elementary children learning is of strategic importance for both their future and that of the nation. Elementary teachers must be prepared with the knowledge, skills, values and techniques to interact successfully with children, parents, colleagues, administrators, and others who affect children's lives. They must adapt to the interests, learning styles and needs of individual children in a complex, rapidly changing and culturally diverse society. ...Download file to see next pagesRead More
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