Systemic Professional Development and its Effect on Novice Teacher Retention Rates, A Qualitative Research Case Study - Dissertation Example

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Abstract This literature review attempts to address the basic problem of new teacher attrition rates. Studies have found many different factors influencing teacher retention. The historical context for attrition rates was considered. It is determined that rather than being a new problem, teacher shortages because of attrition have been the subject of complaint for many years…
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Systemic Professional Development and its Effect on Novice Teacher Retention Rates, A Qualitative Research Case Study
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"Systemic Professional Development and its Effect on Novice Teacher Retention Rates, A Qualitative Research Case Study"

Download file to see previous pages The model of systematic professional development is also discussed vis-a-vis various parameters that influence teaching capabilities with significant impact on retention of novice teacher. Finally, possible remedies that have been suggested to date, with particular attention to mentorship, and systemic professional development were included in this review. To introduce newcomers to the professional culture of the school, induction and mentoring is often used, but with mixed success. For one thing, the time the assistance is offered is usually quite short, and often, if not always, the teacher is expected to be carrying an almost-full or full load. When compared with effective systemic professional development, induction and mentoring do not seem to be as successful. In the following section, the case study research methodology design will be established as a viable way to conduct a qualitative study. The specific qualitative research approach adopted for this study will be explored in complete detail. Keywords: systematic professional development, K-12 education, retention/ attrition Section 2: Literature Review Introduction The study addresses the problem of low rate of retention among new teachers in the K-12 education system of the United States. The purpose of this study is to identify effective systemic professional development learning opportunities, if any, which aid in the retention of apprentice teachers in the teaching profession. The focus will be in answering the sub question: Why systemic professional development learning opportunities are beneficial to novice teachers? Systemic professional development is one of several possible strategies to deal with low retention amongst novice teachers. It has been credited with success in supporting apprentice teachers (Kent, 2004; Langraf, 2004; Wong et al., 1998). However, its possible influence on new teacher attrition rates is less studied. Siedentop (2006) suggests, that “what is really missing is systematic evidence to support that the approaches being advocated (work); there is some evidence to support the different positions, but it is spotty at best, flawed at worst” (p. 14). The literature to be reviewed consists primarily of books and scholarly journals from the last 15 years, though a few earlier studies are included to broaden the historical context. It concentrates on the situation in the United States, though studies of similar issues in Canada, the United Kingdom, Australia, and Europe will be consulted. The material for the review was gathered by library catalog and electronic database searches, using keywords relevant to each of its topics. The bibliographies found in nearly all source materials were critical in locating and identifying relevant studies, and the studies themselves sometimes cited valuable content from works that remained inaccessible. The gathering of material thus proceeded in a series of waves, where the last items discovered provided information on what would be most useful to access next. Literature examined in this section is closely associated with the most pertinent work available to address teacher attrition rates. Due consideration is given to the influence, if any, of professional development on novice teacher attrition rates. Included in this review is an investigation of the following: ...Download file to see next pagesRead More
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