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Academic Strategic Paper - Essay Example

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Self-discipline is a critical tool that I have mastered to use in pursuing my goals. The primary goal of attending Whitman is to attain desirable academic scores…
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Academic Strategic Paper
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Download file to see previous pages I also take practical concepts of theory learnt in class seriously so that I am able to demonstrate central issues and their real life application. This is a significant aspect of my academic goal that would help me during transition into the real world outside the theoretical framework of class presentations. Besides, I believe in exercising high level of communication skills as a core aspect of expressing ideas such that I may be able to reconcile the scores in the paper with what I am able to say in front of the people.
It is important to note that achievement of the highlighted academic goals is very dependent on contribution of various stakeholders. I must enlist the support of various individuals in my daily academic life to ensure that my dreams are achieved. The key players in this regard would include; school administration, teaching staff and parents. It is indisputable that school administration is responsible for providing a conducive learning environment. This includes drafting and implementing rules and regulations that help learners manage intra-personal and interpersonal interaction with other members of school community. Besides, provision of necessary learning resources is the work of school administration hence its critical stake in the learning system. In that respect, I seek to adhere to school rules and regulations so that I may have the peace and strength to learn uninterrupted. My focus on better grades will highly be boosted by good conduct in the light of laid down school rules and general ethical standards that include academic honesty. The teaching staff is a key stakeholder that would help me through daily interaction in class to achieve my set goals. They offer tuition, tests and advice on how to tackle questions, master concepts and set goals. In that regard, I would make efforts to ensure I am in good terms with the teaching staff and engage in consistent enquiry on various topics I fail to understand. Such continuous ...Download file to see next pagesRead More
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Academic Strategic Paper Essay Example | Topics and Well Written Essays - 1250 Words.
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