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Human Rights and Development - Essay Example

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The developing world has been the most hit region by the HIV/AIDS pandemic. Because of the unpreparedness to deal with HIV/AIDS, the low income and developing countries have been…
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Human Rights and Development
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Download file to see previous pages Low-income countries have many issues to deal with including poverty, poor education systems, inadequate healthcare provision systems and corruption among other issues. Most low-income countries are ill equipped to deal with diseases that affect large populations especially communicable diseases. HIV/ AIDS has proven to be a very difficult issue to solve in low income countries affecting human rights and development in such countries (Institute of Medicine (U.S.), Briere & National Academies Press, 2011:29).
The UN Charter on human rights states that every person has a right to good health status, which means that all people must have access to quality health care services. The HIV/AIDS pandemic has made it difficult to achieve this aspect of human rights under the UN charter. Most low-income countries are ill equipped to deal with the pandemic. Their economic status and the healthcare sector do not have enough funds, equipment and personnel to deal with HIV/AIDS. In addition to this, most low-income countries cannot afford to provide medication and the necessary healthcare services to people with HIV/AIDS considering that these countries have the highest number of people suffering from the disease (Robinson, 2011:99).
This countries struggle to deal with the HIV/ AIDS pandemic on top of the fact that new infections occur at higher rates compared to the middle income and the high income countries. As such, the fulfilment or the provision of human rights to populations with HIV/ AIDS in low-income countries has become a difficult issue to accomplish. All people affected by the HIV/ AIDS including those infected and their families are entitled to access public resources that enable them to cope with the effects of HIV/ AIDS. However, low-income countries face a difficulty to provide public support to this group meaning that they suffer rejection and ...Download file to see next pagesRead More
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