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Through all the aspects of making an impression, exchanging information, selling opportunity, and narrowing the field, a firm and an applicant tries to make…
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The interview
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INTERVIEW By Getting the right candi for a specified job is an important activity for the human resource department of any firm. Through all the aspects of making an impression, exchanging information, selling opportunity, and narrowing the field, a firm and an applicant tries to make the best of the chances to sell their expectations and owned skills respectively. This paper critically evaluate the fact that interview is, thus, the most widely relied upon selection method and should be given primary emphasis when selecting the right candidate for any firm.
The best way of accessing the personal merits that equal the requirements of job specifics is through interviewing a candidate. This fact is true since in most cases, experience and ability to effectively carry out a task can only be accessed by examining the recognition, attitude, knowledge, and professionalism of the candidate (Carless & Waterworth, 2012). Interview allows for the contacts between the candidate and the firm representatives, thereby making this evaluation possible. In most situations where the firm intends to retain top talents and build a reputation, sufficient time limits and effort are required from both parties. However, during the selection of the potential employees, the human resource department remains very keen on the every component of the required skills and qualification of a candidate.
As stated by Boswell (et al. 2003), personal interview acts as a bridge that must be crossed by the candidate in order to move from being a job seeker to a new hire. As a candidate approach interview with utmost impressions and glitters of hope, the company, on the other hand, keenly approaches the recruitment process with an awareness of the financial side of employment. Thus, the interview provides a chance for an individual to confidently enter the workforce of the firm. In addition, successful hiring requires more than just examining ideal resume, but needs conversations and personal interview in order to access the candidate’s capabilities and compatibility to the organization’s culture.
Boswell, W, Roehling, M, LePine, M, & Moynihan, L 2003, Individual Job-Choice Decisions and the Impact of Job Attributes and Recruitment Practices: A Longitudinal Field Study, Human Resource Management, 42, 1, pp. 23-37.
Carless, S, & Waterworth, R 2012, The Importance of Ability and Effort in Recruiters Hirability Decisions: An Empirical Examination of Attribution Theory, Australian Psychologist, 47, 4, pp. 232-237.
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