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Employee Testing - Essay Example

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The practice of administering oral or written tests to the applicants is called employment testing. Employers that have considered the use of…
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Employee Testing
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Download file to see previous pages The inclination headed for much greater candidate groups has also added to a rising confidence on data-driven ability administration practices that reorganize the hiring procedure. According to studies done by the American Management Association (AMA), pre-employment testing has been increasing progressively in the previous fifteen year2.
There are different types of tests used by employers. They include intelligence tests, personality tests, integrity test, and job knowledge tests and also work illustrations. Job knowledge tests normally use numerous choice questions to appraise practical or professional capability and knowledge essential for exact jobs. These tests are done by hiring managers. These tests are usually peer-to-peer and replicate actual business responsibilities that applicants have to complete, in case they are picked for the task. The questions are business and job related which candidates require to submit their replies for so as to demonstrate their capabilities3.
There are also personality tests used by employers. Personality tests usually quantify qualities related to behavior at the work environment, social relations, and fulfillment with diverse characteristics of work.  Personality tests are mostly used to evaluate whether persons have the potential to be prosperous in jobs where performance needs a boundless deal of social contact or ability to work in a team .Intellectual ability tests are questions that evaluate one’s pace of learning, reading, comprehending and the general mental capability. Intellectual ability tests measure an individual’s ability to unravel job-related difficulties by giving information about their intellectual capacities such as mathematical reasoning and perceptual abilities4.
Situational verdict tests are frequently used as employee-selection and employee-screening ...Download file to see next pagesRead More
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