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The writer of the essay aims to analyze the popularity of youth unemployment under inappropriate youth policies. "The Problem and Reasons for Youth Unemployment" describes the main issues which do not let the youth be employed. It studies youth employment policy and youth entrepreneurship…
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The Problem and Reasons for Youth Unemployment
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Download file to see previous pages According to MacDonald (2011, p. 427), a large section of the youths is not engaged in gainful employment or mainstream income-generating activities. This situation has largely been attributed to lack or inappropriate youth policies in many countries, as well as poor implementation of youth policies. It is against this background that it is critical to have a closer look at the existing and past youth policies. More importantly, it is crucial to explore topics that relate to youth and policy and ultimately come up with sound and practical solutions to the challenges bedeviling youths of particular countries and the world at large (Chambers and Lake, 2002, p. 5). To create a better understanding of the youth and policy, this paper will discuss the topic of youth employment. Particularly, it will explore the employment of youth and the policies surrounding employment, as well as entrepreneurship as a form of youth employment.
Several studies have shown that one of the main challenges facing the world is youth unemployment. That is why reducing youth unemployment is one of the primary concerns of most governments in the world (Chigunta, 2002, p. 18). The International Labor Organization (ILO) estimates that about 90 million young people across the world are unemployed; this accounts for about 50 percent of 186 million unemployed people in the world (Oliver and Pitt, 2011). A recent study conducted by the ILO found out that youth are three and half times more likely to be unemployed than adults. The study also approximated that about 660 million young people will be looking for work or working in 2015, this is a 7.5 percent increase over the 2003 figure (ILO, 2005). Undoubtedly, these figures demonstrate the need for employment creation that focuses on youth.
Chambers and Lake (2002, p. 7) note that participation of young people in the labor market is widely considered as a means of improving their social and economic transition to independent living and as a positive indicator of long-term employment prospects. However, the fact that transition of many young people from formal education to the labor market is often not straightforward is undeniable. ...Download file to see next pagesRead More
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