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The executive committee proposed a few changes that are directed towards ensuring that the company remains in the market as well as remaining competitive. It proposed a few compensation…
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Fast cat
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Executive Summary FastCat is recently undergoing a series of difficulties in the competitive corporate market. The executive committee proposed a few changes that are directed towards ensuring that the company remains in the market as well as remaining competitive. It proposed a few compensation strategies as well as laying some few objectives that should act as a guide to the staff. These objectives include reduced labor costs, talent retention and complying with the labor laws. This report is aimed to investigate how job structures set to meet the FastCat’s objectives can be effectively tailored into use in the FastCat’s strategy and culture. It, therefore, provides an analysis and values of the status and objectives laid down in the FastCat strategy. The analysis done in the research was job-based in order to clearly identify and determine the differential work positions and roles in the FastCat organization. After analysis of the different roles in the organization, we chose to use a structure that meets the objectives of the organization. A flexible strategy is also favored by the organization. The flexibility of employees means that workplace relationship is solid and subsequently, customer service is also improved. This will improve the company’s competitiveness in the market as well as improving the company’s profits. Flexible strategy also allows employees to air in their contributions towards achieving a better, user-friendly and a focused workplace, an objective of the executive committee.
A business plan set to guide through the realization of an organization’s objectives is a very important tool. Through some considerations, we decided to drop the traditional hierarchical strategy that puts in middle managers between the executive and the rest of the staff. Gathering the qualitative and quantitative tools in managerial duties, we identified the strengths and the weaknesses of each internal strategy that could easily work with the organization and the staff without any workplace conflicts. These considerations are the key reasons why we chose the flat internal structure strategy in the organization.
The flat structure so chosen was predominant since it seems the easiest and the readiest structure that can uphold and spearhead the realization and enforcement of the objectives set by the organization. Keeping in mind the organization’s innovativeness and flexibility, this structure is without doubt the best structure for the research. Since this structure lacks levels in the middle between the middle management and the working staff, well-trained workers will find it easier to work here whenever they are involved in decision-making processes of the organization as opposed to being strictly supervised by the management, mostly hierarchical.
This structure will involve the employees in the decision-making process in the decentralized decision-making process. All involved personnel in the decision-making process get to receive first-hand comments and feedback with immediacy. This is because there is no more involvement of the multiple layers of middle managers. However, this structure will mean that the staffs who have their career paths aiming towards subsequent promotion in the job environment will have to change their vision and work towards assisting others in making sound decisions for the organization.
This structure is faced with a couple of limitations, one of the most notable limitations is that such an organization might suffer from grievances handling problem from its members. Some popular employees might also be favored or not handled like the other members of the staff. The best thing about this limitation is that problems arising from such a structure are related to the human resources manager and can all be resolved by the administration amicably. Read More
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