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Running head: JOB ANALYSIS Job Analysis Name: Institution: Job Analysis Analysis of a job position is the mainstay of the human resource department in any organization as it covers all aspects; from the job description which is important in recruiting the best possible employee to filling a position; evaluation of employee performance; salaries to be paid according to employment position; and finally the employee training and development plan…
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Job Analysis
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Download file to see previous pages Quirin (1991) defines job analysis as a systematic approach for the collection of information regarding a job including roles, responsibilities and the skills required to perform those tasks. It is an important part of planning in human resource enabling the manager to determine job necessities, needed tools and skills, supervision of the employees and their interaction with the management. This paper focuses on all the elements of job analysis, based on the statement that job analysis is the backbone of an organization’s efforts to meet its vision, mission and objectives. Based on the contingency theory of organizational behavior, a job analysis of my immediate former position will be made in a bid to ensure that it is filled and operated satisfactorily. Organizational Behavior Theory Guiding this Job Analysis: Contingency Theory This is a radical shift from both the classical and neoclassical theories of organizational behavior in terms of its view on conflict at the workplace. While the two are focused on avoiding conflict since it interferes with equilibrium in the organization, contingency theory recognizes the fact that conflict is virtually inescapable, but manageable at the same time. Thus, organizations naturally evolve and adapt to meet their strategic needs through actions that are rational and sequential. Effectiveness is a key component in dealing with changes in the environment (Walonick, 1993; Chandler, 1962; Lawrence & Lorsch, 1969). This is the most applicable theory in job analysis since it provides for adaptability and variation in all aspects of a job, especially considering the fact that a job description should be able to accommodate uniqueness. Creating a job description that meets the specific objectives of the organization is preferable than copying what is already being used in other firms. Aspects to be analyzed for the Job Job analysis is aimed at collection of information about the job. To begin with information will be gathered concerning the specific duties and tasks required by the job. A review of any possible physical requirements according to the environment of the job will then be done since the working conditions may not be accommodative to all people. The tools and equipment used will then be explored in detail, followed by establishing the inter-relationships of the position with superior, equal and junior staff. Finally, the requirements of the job from a prospective recruit will then be analyzed in terms of knowledge, skills and abilities (Branick and Edward, 2002). Job Description Several methods can be used to collect information for a job description including interviewing the incumbents and supervisors, observation, structured or open questionnaires and exploration of work logs among others (McNamara, 2010). A lot of these methods will not be applicable in this case since I am the incumbent. I will utilize the knowledge I have from my previous position to create a job description. Importantly, I will utilize Gibb’s Reflective Cycle that will enable me to reflect on my entire service for that position, coming up with an evaluation of the things I did well, where I went wrong and finally the best course of action I would undertake if I was to find myself in similar position (Jasper, 2003). The other method is to interview my former ...Download file to see next pagesRead More
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