How organizational citizenship behavior is determined and how it impacts on the efficiency of performance in Ministry of Interior in UAE - Essay Example

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This paper is looking into two types of desired behavior the first one is “ in role behavior” and the second is the extra role behavior and both impact on the efficiency of performance in the organization…
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How organizational citizenship behavior is determined and how it impacts on the efficiency of performance in Ministry of Interior in UAE
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Download file to see previous pages Organizational Citizenship behavior exceeds the required limits as formal organizational roles require so; it is not possible to hold the staff accountable for failing to undertake it. However, in many occasions, levels of productivity of performance could be sacrificed for the sake of serving colleagues and bossed or serving public objectives at the organizational level. From the practical viewpoint, the significance of organizational citizenship behavior lie in its capability of developing organization’s effectiveness and efficiency though, protecting organization resources, presenting necessary creative and developmental suggestions, achieving the levels resilience in the face of challenges and unexpected emergencies.
Introduction and Problem Statement
Employment in the government commands the highest level of social responsibility and moral conduct in addressing the needs of the citizenry. This is because government service is essentially public service, which implies a subordination of personal interest and even comfort to the greater interest of the nation and its citizens. Nowhere is there a more fitting application of this construct that in the Ministry of Interior, where the imperative to apply force to ensure law and order is tempered by the need to observe organizational citizenship behaviour in the implementation of its police and security function. ...Download file to see next pagesRead More
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